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Fishy Fingers3205d ago

So no need to pre-order???

This is all a little confusing, I just don't want to miss out on the beta. I've been to Game here in the UK everyday trying to find some information and as of yet, nothing.

Lucreto3205d ago

You still need to preorder I believe you ender your code when it appears on the store.

Fishy Fingers3205d ago

Cheers mate, but this is my problem, no matter what shop I go to here in the UK, no one seems to know anything about any pre-order. I'm just starting to get a little nervous.

pandabear3205d ago

maybe the surprise application or game they taked about for every 50th visitor to the store is access to MGO Beta?????

But better communication about this would be appreciated.

MURKERR3205d ago

we getting some metal gear love to?

is sony starting to love us europeans?

Vertius3205d ago

I've it pre-ordered here in Ireland, and the clerk knew about it there. He said he'd call when they got them in.

Although, it doesn't look like we'll get our codes through the Saga DVD at this point. Chances are, as was said above, everyone can join it, or Konami will distribute codes from their website.

monkey6023205d ago

Hey Vertius where did you pre-order it? I havent seen anywhere taking orders yet

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LSDARBY3205d ago

How do you get into the beta?

Bathyj3205d ago

Is it possible to die from to much good news?

If it is we need to be careful.

ItsIncognito3205d ago

I am a beta tester and I love the idea every PS3 owner can test it. See you online chaps!!!

GVON3205d ago

From reading that it sounds if all PS3 users will get into the beta. really can't wait if that's the case.

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The story is too old to be commented.