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Treyarch Stole Black Ops 2 “Origins” Map Art, Alleges YouTuber

GameFront: "A Youtuber has made a pretty big claim: that Treyarch “stole” (as in stole your bike, your phone; thievery) some art concepts and the overall design for a map titled “Origins,” part of Black Ops 2′s upcoming Apocalypse DLC." (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Sidology  +   683d ago
those are eerily similar.
Wigriff  +   683d ago
I don't think there is enough of a similarity to pursue legal action though. It would be easy to argue that everything is derivative, and that the original Francsico Fruiz robot looks like The Iron Giant, or that the game robot was more similar to Gort (The Day the Earth Stood Still).

I'm not saying that there aren't similarities, but look at this: http://fc09.deviantart.net/...

That's a random DeviantArt picture. People, especially the Japanese, have been doing this same sort of thing for a long, long time. The images ARE very similar, and the image could have very well been ripped off, but it'll be hard as hell to prove.

If it was stolen, though, this guy deserves justice.
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admiralvic  +   683d ago
The problem is that everything is conjecture at best.

You google WW1 fighter plane? You see planes like in that video / picture.
You have a war? Then you're bound to have trenches (these are hardly unique to even the CoD series)
You google WW1 tanks? You see tanks like in the picture / video.
As you mentioned the robots resemble other robots from the past and it's not like we're talking about unique designs here (like a Gundam for instance).

It's extremely difficult / impossible to win or even make a case when we're talking about planes / tanks designed to look like the same thing. I am also willing to bet there are a number of other artists / pictures throughout the years that could make an equally valid claim and simply share a similar starting point.
Sidology  +   683d ago
All I said is that they're eerily similar. I'm making no claims one way or another.
EeJLP-  +   683d ago
I'm with the concept artist 110%. It's not just that there's a giant robot. Every other detail is identical, from the trench with the overhang, the tank, the weather, the old-school planes, etc.

Just keep in mind that this could all be BS viral marketing also. If they're not 'in on it', the concept artist deserves a kickback beyond a reasonable amount, since they were neither asked or in any other way made aware. If they are in on it, then they're all just laughing all the way to the bank with a fake controversy that you should make sure to 'share, like, comment, tweet, retweet' etc. about.
EeJLP-  +   683d ago

The point is all of the elements together, not that you can google pictures of rain or tanks or planes or trenches or giant robots, etc. It's that all of the elements are not only present, but look practically identical in design and layout.
EeJLP-  +   683d ago
Counter argument I found that they've had this planned since 2008 or prior with World at War zombies map Der Riese ["The Giant" in German].

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admiralvic  +   683d ago
@ Sidology

Saying "eerily" similar is the same as "fightingly similar" and in turn strongly implies you believe they're connected.

@ EeJLP-

You missed my point completely. The DLC is set in WW1, so using WW1 style planes / tanks is not only expected, but logical. Considering that is also the case in the artwork, I wouldn't say the similarities are anything to be shocked about.

As far as the layout goes... if you watch enough videos / angles / examine it enough ways it you're bound to find similar looking events. If you're really saying two things set in the same period are obviously related to one another because soldiers are in a trench, one show shows them near a walkway, a tank is on the hill... then I strongly suggest you become a lawyer today.
Mounce  +   683d ago
@EeJLP-: "Counter argument I found that they've had this planned since 2008 or prior with World at War zombies map Der Riese ["The Giant" in German]. "

You know what though? The developers who made WarZ also told media that they didn't steal DayZ's ideas and that they had WarZ in mind and have been making it since before DayZ too. Guess what?

They clearly fucking lied. Even if they did think of an idea to involve something 'Gigantic' doesn't negate ALL evidence to support the fact that the Theme/Concept/Design/atmospher e Resulted in something that is blatantly similar to the artists' work. You don't just go from "Giant German" and end up with extremely similar results. To say they Never have seen that artwork or that none of them at Treyarch are guilty would be completely ignorant and naive because most evidence points to an uncanny copying in the artists favor.
Funantic1  +   683d ago
The carrier multiplayer map on Black Ops 2 looks just like the map on Haze the PS3 game.
InTheLab  +   683d ago
Except the one from haze is dynamic....
Funantic1  +   683d ago
Maybe so but Haze had very reviews. I guess that's why they never continued with the brand. It was suppose to be competition for Halo. But I think they gave up on it too early.
younglj01  +   683d ago
wow thats scary.Very similar artwork its hard too deny the connection...
GentlemenRUs  +   683d ago
If it is indeed stolen... Francisco Fruiz should get a cut from the DLC being sold from Treyarch and Activision!

But if it was me, I'd take it to court!
inf3cted1  +   683d ago
When you cant copy paste... you copy paste
ovnipc  +   683d ago
Some one its going to get lots $$$.
Mr Tretton  +   683d ago
And that someone is Bobby Kotick.
Edi007  +   683d ago
very similare they make one small change for the eyes hhhh
admiralvic  +   683d ago
They're similar, but thats about it. Quite similar to how the Kerberos soldiers and Helghast could be interchanged without a hassle. However, the Kerberos comparison is a lot more similar than anything being claimed here...

In my honest opinion... I think this is just someone (or someones) getting worked up that they see a similarity between two things. Not like a robot in WW1 is something completely unheard of, nor is it really unique enough to claim ownership of.
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Neonridr  +   683d ago
So this guy drew up a huge oversized robot fighting an army of people, planes and tanks set during the WWI area during terrible conditions and a lightning storm and you think it's merely a coincidence that the level turned out to be EXACTLY as he drew it?

If I asked you to dream up a WW2 scenario involving Aliens and I did the same, I guarantee you we would come up with two completely different things. The fact that these are basically identical is what stands out as concerning... there should have been one or two things that ended up being different.
admiralvic  +   683d ago
"If I asked you to dream up a WW2 scenario involving Aliens and I did the same, I guarantee you we would come up with two completely different things."

Yes, but your logic is horribly flawed.

While your example would most likely result in different end results, we're not looking at two people being asked to do the same thing. We're looking at Treyarch doing a picture and someone claiming that they're the same.

What is different about this situation? This is just one version out of who knows how many that happened to line up. This sort of thing happens and there are differences.

Different eyes, legs look more squared than rounded, head is a different shape, squared joints (original picture has rounded joints) and so forth. Lets also not forget that the blog post from Fruiz was taken down, so it might have just been a ploy to get people talking about the DLC.
CrossingEden  +   683d ago
Similar art happens all the time in video games, you wanna see some weird similarities, look at THIS
admiralvic  +   683d ago
I still think the Kerberos vs Helghast one is the most similar / interesting.

Random pic via google http://i60.photobucket.com/...
Shadonic  +   683d ago
I guess that's true, then again the guy on the left Sasuke has a very general look that's seen throughout almost everything in Japanese media from what ive seen.
drsfinest72  +   683d ago
god i love the inception background music on that youtube video. & also its an automatic loss for the artist if he goes and sue activition, thats alwats the case unfortunately. but if it is true treyach should atleast put "inspired by(artist name) "
annus  +   683d ago
This is pretty far of a stretch. It's just a giant robot in a war setting. They could have been inspired by Resistance for all we know, or the Iron Giant, there are heaps of things that could have inspired it.

This truly is the definition of coincidence. What does the artist even want credit for? CoD has always been about war, so he just wants credit for coming up with a giant robot? That's pretty original..
dazzrazz  +   683d ago
You see if that was the other way Activision would sue the f*** out of him
Funantic1  +   683d ago
Well I have the season pass and I'm going to play it. Sorry Fruiz.
Mr Tretton  +   683d ago
lol, you bought a COD season pass.
Funantic1  +   682d ago
Yeah to the most sold game in history....duh.
Mr Tretton  +   682d ago
lol, you base game quality on sales.
plmkoh  +   683d ago
A robot featured in a punked up WW1 setting is not original to begin.

The fact that he points out THE typical WW1 tank as evidence of copying is just....meh this isn't even an issue.
quenomamen  +   683d ago
Whaaaaaaaat ! Treyarch accused of being un original ?!! I will hear no more of such things, good day to you N4G ! Good day indeed !
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Master-H  +   683d ago
Vonderhaar be thinking he's slick and shit, now pay the man for what you stole, A**wipes
Mr Tretton  +   683d ago
All ripping off aside, the dude who made that vid was being so dramatic and overly accusatory. Show your evidence and all, fine, but, he was acting like this is some great crime against humanity. I think if 'Fruiz' wanted something done about the situation, it's up to him, not this dude with his attention seeking video.

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