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Worth Playing: "Titanfall will not feature a single-player story line at all; instead, it'll try to bring many of the key elements of a single-player presentation into the multiplayer to tell the story. This idea has been explored before with, among other examples, Bethesda's Brink, but never to this extent. As demonstrated at E3 2013, the idea is a lot more sound than one would expect."

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GarrusVakarian1790d ago

I think out of all the next gen games ive seen so far, this looks the most FUN. And that's the whole point right?

MRMagoo1231790d ago

well i guess its all opinion tho , for shooters i am more excited for BF4 and destiny , maybe killzone (tho the graphics blew me away when i was at e3 ) as well but i wanna see some of the multiplayer, if titanfall is good gameplay wise ill give it a go on PC and see how it fairs against my 780

GodGinrai1790d ago

indeed ;) ..Looking forward to ripping other pilots out of their mechs then splattering them across the side of a building!

golding891790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Idk. I would say for me I am more excited for The division. I can see me and my friends not going to sleep in the night lol

But titanfall is definitely on my list too.

Master-H1790d ago

Agreed, i hope it comes to the Ps4 at some point.

solidjun51790d ago

It may - It's EA but Christ's sake- but man this game looks amazingly fun. I can't wait to try.

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pandehz1790d ago

This game looks proper.