GTA Online to be an MMO eventually

The GTA Online trailer released last week was nothing short of amazing. What we saw in the 3 minute trailer however is just the beginning. The plan is to carefully mould it into a fully fledged MMO.

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progaor20131703d ago

mmo omg please come to pc or ps4 soon i wont buy for ps3 im holding out being patient i want best experience.

if pc version is announced it on my pc as i upgraded last month if ps4 comes first im buying it on that console

rockstar make up your minds please port to pc it has mods and etc if not ps4 is fine

GhostHero3331703d ago

Its not coming to pc. Also id rather it on xbox one better online experience.

CaptainCamper1703d ago

I'd have more faith in the community to create an MMO out of it. San Andreas Multiplayer was soo much fun.

Translations are also a bit of a headache to read :D

jensen861703d ago

thatd be sick n ill be buying on ps3 and ps4 if it does come out for it. n hopefully at a reduced price for having ps3 copy