Splinter Cell Blacklist Review | The Guardian

The Guardian: "It's clear that, like Sam, Ubisoft has a plan. They want a Splinter Cell that builds on Conviction but is truer to the series' heritage – and with Blacklist they've achieved that, albeit imperfectly. If the next game can refine the formula and give it a proper plot, then just maybe Ubisoft can deliver a classic the next time Sam is the man with the plan."

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Cam9771677d ago

I saw a TV AD for this and it looks good.
Is it really a 6/10 game though?

AdmiralSnake1677d ago

I bought it on the PSN store... I will check it out and post it on here what I think about it. 90% download. It looks really good though IMO..

Cam9771677d ago

Thanks, and yes, it really does look brilliant! It looks like a mix of Conviction and classic SC which appeals to most fans I'd say.