Microsoft Xbox One Smartphone Concept

Microsoft may release Xbox One Smartphone Powered by Windows Phone 8 later this year. Here is all we know about the rumor till now.

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redwin1647d ago

If this ever sees the light of day ill give up my iPhone 4S and get this one for sure.

malokevi1647d ago

I'm also on board. Day 1. Xbox + RT + Phone = POWERRRRRR!

MWong1647d ago

It'll probably sell as well as their previous Windows phone. That concept looks liek a cross between a Galaxy and iPhone.

Sorasixx1647d ago

wow this phone is the worst phone in american no wonder the iphone and samsung are the most amazing and popular phones out their. the xbox smartglass app will be on every phone no matter, microsoft needs to stop making phones and realize they are in hot water with the phone and the system. i know u guys will disagreed with me but its fine if u want it go get it,

redwin1647d ago

It's not just the smart glass, read the article . With the windows 8 phone you'll be able to play your indie games with the Xbox controller. Dude! That's big. Think about it..... Long car drives.