Minecraft creator only working on smaller games now

After shelving 0x10c, Notch says "I want to do smaller games that can fail."

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HolyDuck1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

So the way I see it is.

"I've made a hell of a lot of money and now I can't really be bothered to make games people care about."

Fireseed1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

So the way I read that was.

"I think games need to be massive in both scope and budget in order to be worth anything."

dcj05241792d ago

Way I read it

"I want to explore me and my team's creativity with out it being devistating if it fails"

HolyDuck1792d ago

I could care less about Mojangs games, never bought Minecraft so I could care less.

The fact is, he has a huge fanbase, says hes going to make another game and then completely blows it off, probably the same reason he stopped developing minecraft, he can't bothered.

@DCJ - He clearly stated he will be working on smaller games and states that if his team want to continue the game he stopped, they can, he doesn't care anymore.

Fireseed1792d ago

So what if he can't be bothered? If he doesn't feel like making games like that it's his right to. Rather have him work on something he enjoys to do as compared to grinding away on something he could care less about.

WeAreLegion1792d ago

Do what you love. If he loves making smaller games...he should go for it. :) He doesn't have to answer to you or anyone else.

porkChop1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Just because you don't care about small indie games doesn't mean that no one does. You're interpretation couldn't be any further from the truth. he wants to experiment, he wants to take huge risks and try new/crazy things. He says he stopped working on 0x10c because it just wasn't fun anymore.

annus1792d ago

Minecraft never was about making money. He made it as a personal project that he ended up making money from, it's pretty damn clear he likes making crap. Maintenance is boring, developing new things is far funner.

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strickers1792d ago

With his MS exclusive $$$$$ Notch can do what likes. Includes disappointing my 9 year old son. It's the games he cares about though ;-)

Kevlar0091792d ago

Notch can do whatever he wants. The wonder of being a millionaire is no one can tell him the games he can or can not make because he can put up all the money himself.

Think of it as a path to developer enlightenment.

Soldierone1792d ago

He just made absolute bank off Minecraft, the guy can do whatever the hell he wants. I'm sure if he cares about making games, eventually that will to make something big again will come back. If not, oh well. He won't make anything great if he is forcing it....

Honestly if you want to be mad at him then think about what he could have done. He could have pulled a Rovio and tagged Minecraft on literally everything. He could pull an EA and have Minecraft 4 already. Yet he doesnt....

Bolts1792d ago

He will never beat Mine Craft. So instead of releasing a big game that will certainly fail, he's bailing out and keeping his good name.

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