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Submitted by silentmanjay 902d ago | opinion piece

A Few Little Things I'd Like to See in a Silent Hill Reboot

J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "Personally, I could go either way of seeing a reboot or seeing a continuation of what’s already there (however, even some of the continuations are stand-alone). What if the next Silent Hill game were a reboot though? I thought a little bit about things, both small and big, that I wouldn’t mind seeing if a reboot and/or a new series based off the reboot were to happen. Keep in mind though that I don’t necessarily think all of these should be in one game, but they are some considerations and options I’d like to see." (Culture)

SoulMikeY  +   902d ago
I just want confirmation that Hideo Kojima is doing it.
furneri357  +   902d ago
yeah, with fox engine for silent hill its gonna be awesome !
Fergusonxplainsall  +   902d ago
Stop following the BS movie designs and go with what made it cool in the first place.

The old ones were a bit like Twilight Zone episode on crack and now it's just Hell/nightmare on elm street.
MrTrololo  +   902d ago
With Hideo Kojima doing the Silent Hill Reboot nothing can go wrong. Everything he developed is a pure masterpiece
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   902d ago
Lose the radio? Blasphemy! In my opinion it helped in adding tension in the game. I know it revels that a monster is nearby however detecting proximity was usually vague at best due to the fog and or darkness surrounding the player in the Playstation 2 installments. It usually made me paranoid not knowing where the monster is going to strike from which helps in building tension kinda like having a timer for a bomb in an area but knowing where it is to disarm it.

Second, Akira Yamaoka MUST return at the helm for sound design. I still haven't heard any soundtracks surpass the chilling sounds of the demon lurking within Silent Hill let alone the genius soundtrack orchestrating the madness. Too many horrors nowadays try to create atmosphere through large orchestrations which usually made games felt too Hollywood for my taste. Akira mixed a very small amount of instruments accompanied with unorthodox sound effects from machinery, dragging tables and other everyday sounds to create works of art.

Third, either return Masahiro Ito or find another monster concept artist that properly conveys the haunting symbolism found in the games. I would consider Jun Suemi who has done phenomenal art in the Yashakiden, Demon City Shinjuku and Rengoku series. Try to create creatures that are obscure enough to set the player in both fear and confusion but challenging for the hardcore fan to piece the connections in the relationship to the protagonist (or antagonist).
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Inception  +   902d ago
Isn't Downpour a reboot?

But i really don't like this "It isn't good anymore. So let's reboot this franchise!" mentality. I hope people don't misunderstood that a reboot is the only solution that bring 100% great result for some franchise.
Everyone that says Kojima is doing the reboot himself is wrong. He said that he would be too scared to do it himself jokingly and that he would want another developer to do it with his Fox Engine.
Matt666  +   902d ago
As long as its like SH 1, 2, 3 & 4 they were the best by a long shot then, after that they went downhill and lost the feeling of SH.
The guy who wrote this article though seems to prefer the newer silent hills which is never good because its people like that who let the game down for everyone else.
They should get rid of the item management (even in the old games it didn't matter how many items you had it still scared you.)
Keep the radio (yes it may told you if a enemy was near by but you could turn it off if you didn't like it.)
The Personality Questionnaire/Choice Selection System (they should never use that, lets take silent hill one that was based around one man who was looking for his daughter and it was a good story line, so we don't need personality stuff.)
Increase the intensity of the other-world, yes I agree with this but and only but if they do it correctly (I.E. the correct sounds, the correct music, the classic enemies for example mannequins, nurses, pyramid head etc.)
Silent Hill focused as more of a supernatural force I not if I agree with this, (I guess if the correct story line writer helped with this in the game then it could work other wise I would have to disagree.)
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BABY-JEDI  +   902d ago
It would be good if they developed the theme of insanity & how the main character(s) are losing their grip on reality, hence, their own town begins to transform into Silent Hill (new environment/setting), & can your character trust those (your friends ect) around you?
Knushwood Butt  +   902d ago
I'd like to see a good game.

That one on the PSP was pretty good. The truck driver one.
TheMutator  +   902d ago
Team Silent and Fox engine , nothing more.
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