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Activision on the decision to bring Call of Duty: Ghosts to Wii U

It took awhile, but Activision finally confirmed Call of Duty: Ghosts for Wii U last month. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Wii U)

sandman224  +   785d ago
I'm sure the wii u can handle that monster!
cyguration  +   785d ago
It's not even that...

The Wii U may not be as powerful as the XB1 or PS4 but it's no slouch either.

Just about anything coming to the next gen consoles could be done on the Wii U with proper scaling (just like a bunch of monster PC games were ported to the PS3/Xbox 360 at the cost of some graphics and AI scaling).

I'm glad Activision is at least acknowledging the Wii U unlike EA.
shivvy24  +   785d ago
or any games that can run on PS3 / x360 can be done on wii u too ! Battlefield im looking at you
vishmarx  +   785d ago
just about anything?
im no hater but atleast be realistic.

ya it could be done by halving the game resolution
and at 10fps lol.
also THAT monster is the ps360 version wer'e getting on the wii u.
stop being delusional .wii u is what it is.
hardware and graphics are not meant to be its strong points.
im sure x ,bayo,zelda n all will be great but lets face it, its not exactly a beast and graphics arent the the thing you should go looking for.
ziggurcat  +   785d ago
i dunno... fish AI takes up a lot of RAM....
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   785d ago
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$

They'd put it on Atari, NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, N64 and Xbox too if they could lol
JP1369  +   785d ago
It's easy to develop for all consoles when your engine was designed to run Doom 3.
vishmarx  +   785d ago
or was it quake 3 engine
JP1369  +   785d ago
I may have gotten them mixed up.

Edit: My mistake, I did confuse them.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   785d ago
considering that the tech going into COD ghosts is completely underwhelming on even the ps4 and xbox one versions, theres no reason why this junk wouldnt be able to play on the wii u.

just like every other year since cod 4, the latest call of duty is a let down on almost every front in terms of innovation. devs should be honored to bring this tired series to the wii u.
strigoi814  +   785d ago
Activision = $$$$$$$$$$$... just wait until the wiiU console gain more sales and they will do a flip and praise Nintendo and kiss their ass
Deadpoolio  +   785d ago
Except IF it didn't happen for Blops 2 Its not going to suddenly happen for Ghosts....And then there are the other things that the Wii U version doesn't get like the map packs, which will also detract anyone who plays games on more than just the Wii U
falcon97  +   785d ago
Look when Nintendo have Mariokart in the UK it will sell 50,000 to 100,000 a week for at least 6 months to a year just off the bk of MK8 as in the UK where i live a nintendo console is a MK/Zelda/Mario machine and out of these 3 it's MK that makes people take notice,not only that but it's the 1 game that o day release you here mums,teenagers,adults ect talking about it everywhere......the UK loves MARIOKART and when it hits the UK the wiiu will out sell xbox one and ps4 2 to 1.
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falcon97  +   785d ago
In other words any1 that doesn't release a major game on WiiU before MK8 on the said console will wish they did that's all i will say,50,000 to 100,000 console sales a week who wouldn't want some of that pie ?? that's the real reason Activision is releasing their games on WiiU.
marloc_x  +   785d ago
Been playing Activision games since Atari. Them showing Wii U a little love may force my hand and I'll CHOKE down another COD title.*haha*
Korde11  +   785d ago
I was going to skip this but now I will buy just because they have brought it to Wii U.
Deadpoolio  +   785d ago
Have fun with NO map packs...Wii U version of Blops 2 never got the map packs either
falcon97  +   785d ago
Try because it was a launch game ??
KonsoruMasuta  +   785d ago
"Hur hur dur map packs hur hur dur."

Nobody cares. It's not like they add anything substantial to this piece of crap game.
dazzrazz  +   785d ago
Thats a negative ? At least everybody were saved from buying rehashed maps from previous black ops title :P
Korde11  +   782d ago
I have never bought a single map pack for any game that I have owned. I play the story line out and then I lose interest.
2EHO  +   785d ago
I respect their stance and will buy the game because of it. I'm not a big FPS fan but its cool to play one every now and then. Sucks EA is being the way they are along with other developers and publishers. Its counter productive. If you want to grow sales you bring content and support the consoles features.
MrTrololo  +   785d ago
Who play COD on the Wii U. It seem like a waste of money to buy it for the Wii U when the multiplayer is gonna be deserted just in a few months
2EHO  +   785d ago
Funny thing about this is I heard that with Blops2. Then I got the game and NEVER had a problem finding a online multiplayer match. I've played some days for hours on in.
LOL_WUT  +   785d ago
It must've been a tough decision for Activision to bring Ghosts to the Wii U as the last one didn't meet their expectations. Hopefully this time around it sells much better. ;)
thelaughingwiseman  +   785d ago
Simple, COD got major sales from 2 consoles and PC. They figured, "hey, there is another console out there, why not try and cash in on that end as well"...
kagamer79  +   785d ago
I plan on buying ghosts for my wii u. Is it because im a die hard cod fan? No, its because if i support 3rd party games then maybe in return they will bring more to the wii u. I can't complain about no third party games on wii u if i don't buy and support the ones that do come. That would make me and all the other ppl who love to complain a hypocrite. The gap in performance this gen isn't as big as last gens. The wii u will be able to run any ps4 or xbox 1 game scaled down a notch. Wii u is a cool little piece of hardware and im happy with mine and believe if people gave it a fair chance they would like it too. Nintendo fumbles the ball sometimes but never count them out the game. They were here long before xbox and sony and i think ppl under estimate the 30 plus year gaming vets. I like nintendo cause they got balls and it takes balls to be different. They dont try and copy the competition because their happy doing their own thing. They dont follow they make their own little trail and as long as they do so ill be here playing their games.

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