Survival Horror fans rejoice! Resident Evil 7 VS. The Evil Within.

Shinji Mikami brings his new baby The Evil Within to the Survival Horror genre. Can the newly announced Resident Evil 7 compete against its former master?

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-Foxtrot1524d ago

You honestly believe Capcom about how they will go back to horror with

When RE5 was coming out they said that it would be RE4 but with more horror, instead we get the start of the franchises downfall. Read this guys

This is what it was supposed to be like before they added co-op. Now this is the game RE5 should of been, zombies, horror, Barry, Jill, less Sheva, merchants in the level, tyrants.

Then when RE5 came out they said RE6 would go back to basics to the franchises roots. This did not happena dn instead we got the horrible RE6 which expands on all the things RE5 did wrong and ignores the things fans wanted. It added useless, new, unlikable characters, made the plot more silly, more action, less horror, quick time events, multiple sencarios trying to please everyone etc

Now they are saying RE7 will go back to it's survival horror roots. I highly doubt it, even if they did the damage is done, with RE6 they ruined the story and ruined good characters. Best thing to do is to do a reboot/remake and at the end of the game change something which will alter future games so they will end up being different. Same loved characters, similar story, different outcome.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1524d ago

Resi 7 will be trash just like resi 6.. capcom are a scum company who wont blink twice ruining a franchise.

fsfsxii1524d ago

When did they announce RE7??
Anyway, its gonna be garbage just like its predecessor.

j-blaze1524d ago

RE6 may be bit disappointing and was not as great as past games but it was no where a bad game, i feel like the new RE game is going to be a fantastic experience just like the old games along with The Evil Within of course!

fsfsxii1524d ago

RE6 made RE5 look like goty material.
It was so crap, and not even near the japanese standard of quality.

j-blaze1524d ago

all i have to say is don't underestimate Capcom, they made some of the best games this gen.
RE6 could have that Japanese quality "well, it has some of it in the amazing cutscenes and character design" but then again, wrong decisions and western devs involvement "Capcom Europe and US branches worked on the game" took away that quality..i feel all that will be fixed in the new game

Harpers_Ferry1524d ago

I think people underestimate Capcom a bit more than they should. Sure, they've done a lot of crap in recent years, and their DLC shenanigans have been as depressing as they have amusing, but there's always hope. Dragon's Dogma was certainly better than it had any right to be, and Revelations is a great RE experience. Though, I suppose with so many still bitter about the DmC situation, I'm wasting my time with all this reasonable thinking.

When it comes to Resident Evil games in particular, I like to think of it as a coin toss. Maybe we'll get lucky and get something awesome, but its best not to expect as much.