Steam Developer Accidentally Trolls Half-Life 3 Fans

Kotaku - Earlier today, the Steam store featured a news item written by a developer claiming that the Half-Life 3 internal beta had been released. As you might've guessed, it was fake—but anyone looking at Steam could see the "news."

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-Foxtrot1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )


If you've been following this on the forums I don't think this was an accident, seemed like he was trolling to me. I don't know why users can still post of the announcement page, I thought this was fixed.

Anyway fact is...he knew what he was doing.

Jovanian 1792d ago

aw just a harmless joke guys

We already know L4D3 and source 2 are on their way, only a matter of time until the big momma arrives

KonsoruMasuta1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

He was knew what he was doing. Look at the first letters in each of the updates. It spells out p-e-n-i-s.

Kalebninja1792d ago

they're messing with us i do think they're making it and just like making us crazy. for those who saw pacific rim there was a scene were there was a container on a ship that said aperture now if you remember in half life 2 they were looking for a ship called the borialeus (close enough) and they showed it on a screen and on that ship there was a container that said aperture.. coincidence? i think not

HolyDuck1792d ago

It was on Steams Community News, anyway, you know... stuff from indie devs etc, nothing to do with Valve.

Easy to tell it's not real.

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