What Do IGN Readers Think About Splinter Cell: Blacklist?

IGN - Aussie IGN readers were recently invited to try out Sam Fisher's latest outing at an exclusive Black Beta event. Find out what they thought.

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hennessey861650d ago

Pre purchased the game a week a go and it gave August the 20th as the release date, just gone to install it and now it says the 23rd :( GUTTED

starchild1650d ago

Ah, that's disappointing. I didn't pre-order but I was thinking about getting it in just under the wire because I am looking forward to playing it so much.

zaz121650d ago

This game was good til I saw MGSV

thinktwice1650d ago

graphics suck outdated game engine not really up to date physics even the character movement and enemy AI ain't the greatest eitherbut other than that the game seems pretty decent.

ninjahunter1650d ago

Im not going to say im a splinter cell know it all, But it seems that splintercell has gone away from hardcore stealth. Like back in the original Xbox games, the whole lightbulb assassin, if you get spotted your pretty screwed and better run thing.

From what ive seen, it just seems like another Michael bay: The Game.

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