Harley From EpicMealTime Doesn't Regret Buying the Vita; Do You?

IGN - The Sauce Boss stops by IGN Insights to give us his thoughts on Killzone Mercenary.

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-Mezzo-1741d ago

PS Vita, now SAUCE BAUSS Approved.

KUV19771741d ago

I don't regret it at all. Though, I am not totally happy with it either. The device is great. Uncharted was great, LBP was very good, Assassin's was decent but there should be so many more games... Well, at least I can look forward to Killzone!

imXify1741d ago

Still the best thing when you're making CACA. :D

boybato1741d ago

Just want to let you guys know that you can now DL killzones beta if you've been sent codes.... although I, not sure if well be able to play it afterwards.

yeahokchief1741d ago

holy christ the video player above was loud. i have my volume set the lowest possible and this fucking blew my ears out. what the fuck.

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The story is too old to be commented.