Avabel: A truly flawed MMORPG experience

In most MMORPG games, you create your character with a variety of clothing, hair styles, faces, skin color, and other character features. Once you create your ideal character, you enter a massive online fantasy world where you perform various quests, as well as fight hordes of enemies in order to level up and customize your character.

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Kryptix1796d ago

"Compared to popular MMORPG games, such as World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic, this game is definitely not in the same league in terms of game play and character customization."

"The game world itself is really small, and it’s really confusing to figure out where to go. In WOW and SWTOR, you clearly know where to go to complete your quests."

The review needs some better work, especially when the reviewer compares a mobile MMO to an already established PC MMO. Don't like it when reviewers try bashing a game because it's not as good as games on a more powerful and less limiting platform. Rather, they should compare it to games on the same platform in the same genre. That way, people reading the review can try out the other better games they mention and developers can learn from the examples given when they read the review. When this reviewer compares it to World of Warcraft, they kinda expect mobile MMOs to have the same features like 40 man raids and such, it's not possible yet on mobiles like the iPhone. Maybe in 2D MMOs it can be done, but in 3D it will cause frame rates to drop. Just giving some advice for mobile game reviews.

dcj05241796d ago

Avabel is allright. Its literally just a grindfest though. Lots of players at least.

Kryptix1795d ago

I agree with you, it's nothing special but it probably shouldn't be compared to MMOs that have been worked on for many years on PC. It's ok for a mobile game, I think the Legends series (Dark Legends, Arcane Legends) tops mobile MMOs for now. Not sure if there's anything better but if there is, let me know.