A Guide to Trading in Your Xbox 360 for the Xbox One

GottaBeMobile: ''With just months left until Microsoft officially launches the Xbox One, selling its predecessor (the Xbox 360) could be the easiest way for gaming enthusiasts to scrape up the $499 to purchase console of the console just in time.

For that reason we’ve gathered some of the most current pricing information and trade-in values for users looking to sell their Xbox 360 and accessories to purchase an Xbox One.''

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Crazay1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Well done. The only issue with this article is it really displays the BS that is Gamestop/EBGames and how badly they pump their customers. That $20 kinect will be sold for what? $75? And what about COD BLOPS2? probably $49.99. I hate how much they underpay for things.

n4rc1704d ago


Gamesstop is a leach in the video game industry.. ripping off kids mostly..

CerebralAssassin1704d ago

Why would they pay anything more for your kinect then they already do? Its all about supply and demand. They have a shit load of kinects. Which means the supply is stupid high. No one wants it. Equals no demand. You can be mad at gamestop all you want but dont get mad because they wont give you what YOU think is a fair trade value. 20 bucks for a kinect is over paying.

nukeitall1704d ago

To be fair up to 75% profit margin isn't uncommon in most retail like industries.

It accounts for staff, retail location and expenses. That of course ignores that many games don't sell back either, netting storage cost as well as value depreciation on the traded in game.

The Meerkat1704d ago

Don't do it.

It might seem like a good idea, but in the cold light of day you'll just end up hating yourself.

I will get a PS4 and probably an X1 but I'll always have my 360 for some nostalgia gaming.