5 PS4 Titles We Want Announced at Gamescom 2013

MVGN writes "With Gamescom 2013 headed our way and some major announcements planned for Sony’s upcoming home console, the PS4, MVGN has decided to make a list of 5 titles we want announced at Gamescom 2013."

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jc485731769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

heavenly sword needs to be a reboot. better character models this time please.

KUV19771769d ago

Character models were fine for the time and obviously they will be better on PS4. Facial animations where leaps and bound ahead of anything else in it's time. The hair was the only thing that looked weired in animations, constantly skipping through bodyparts. But TresFX on this hair would be great!

I would be curious however how they would continue the story with Nariko being dead and all. I guess they could have Kai going on a journey to find and revive her. Either way would be soo awesome!

thehitman1769d ago

or they perform some freaky ritual to bring her back.

KUV19771769d ago

I agree. It's a game. When Kratos can fight it's way out of Hades several times, Nariko should be able to cheat death at least once!

FamilyGuy1769d ago

What a weird thing to say :/

Heavenly Sword was one if not the best looking game of its time. The facial animation and voice acting were really high quality.

What was wrong with the character models?

Godmars2901769d ago

Agree with everything except FF7.

FITgamer1769d ago

Swap that out with Tenchu!

user74029311769d ago

i would love to see a new turok game.

beezlebozz1769d ago

I very much doubt a new jak, but a naughty dog announcement would be immense

Williamson1769d ago

I want a heavenly sword 2 and this time I want it to be longer and have more things to do than just to replay the story on a harder difficulty, also I hope the story is longer. The first game still looks great for a 6 year old game, especially the start of chapter 2 when your standing on the cliff and the draw distance just looks amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.