FFXIV: ARR Overview of Classes

A detailed look at each of the classes available to choose from in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This article discusses the best roles for each class as well as what races' starting stats work best for what role each class is designed for.

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helghast1021616d ago

This is awful, you'd learn far more about the classes from the official site.

Tru_Ray1616d ago

Yep. There are some very informative videos on YouTube as well. I will check this out when it is released on PS4.


Stsonic1616d ago

If I pre order this game how do I get the early access code?

VileAndVicious1616d ago

When I preordered I got a code that directed me to another site that asked me for my email. Apparently once SE is ready you'll receive an email with a link and codes to download the client. Hope that helps.