What Does a New Pokémon IP Mean for the Wii U?

CCC Says: "Nintendo’s recent Pokémon presentation at Tokyo Big Sight ended with a teaser (seen above) both vague and enticing enough to put even The Evil Within’s lead-up to shame. To the dismay of onlookers everywhere, the video in question revealed little more than a few fleeting seconds of combat between Blaziken and Lucario, and Nintendo has refused to comment on related inquiries since. More importantly, the gameplay is entirely 3D and looks to be a far cry above the quality of 3DS Pokémon installments, which implies, entirely unfoundedly, that the alleged game will hit Wii Us everywhere."

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PopRocks3591797d ago

Money, I would assume. A lot of people love Pokemon. I've actually been out of the loop for the past three or so generations, but I'm interested in X/Y. So here's hoping it's all great stuff.

_QQ_1797d ago

i can see rumble being a hit in japan,but honestly i don't think the figures look cool enough to appeal to U.S. kids.

PopRocks3591797d ago

Pokemon merchandise is fairly successful in all regions from what I understand. If advertized properly the game could be a generous hit for Nintendo and more importantly the Wii U.

Like with Dinsey Infinity, "Hey kids! Buy these toys and you can fight with them in this game!" Something like that. It would be a nice treat for younger gamers who get a Wii U, I think.

In the meantime, I'll be waiting for that new 3D Pokemon fighter that was recently teased.

exfatal1797d ago

dunno the younger kids, 15 and younger who like pokemon might love the cute simplistic look of the figures, i find it charming and would love to just collect them. Also the game very simple and easy enough for very young kids to buy and enjoy.

Especially since its cheaper then regular Wii U games. Only question is how popular is pokemon to the younger crowd

ZeekQuattro1797d ago

Money at least from me anyway. I held off getting the Wii & 3DS versions of the game in anticipation for the Wii U version. I'll be playing this game, Earthbound & Blacklist while I wait for the Wonderful 101.

asiatico1797d ago

A proper rpg like the colosseum game on the gamecube would be great. If the world is bigger and more expansive then it would definitely be a console seller. I know I would get a WII U down the road for that