Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z "Meet God Goku"

The latest on Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z, the newly announced addition to Namco Bandai's Dragon Ball gaming franchise. Now with massive 4 vs 4 combat! This time around, Namco Bandai is putting the Z back into DBZ not once, but twice! Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z will be the next expansion into Akira Toriyama’s beloved universe where teamwork is now central to any fight.

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Williamson1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

I really like SSG goku, looks cool, I like that its a simple transformation.

Xof1252d ago

Kaioken with a gold aura?

I like Kaioken better. Shame we'll never see a proper Kaioken transformation in any game, since DB-developers seem to have real hard-ons for plastic hair.

Williamson1252d ago

I'm pretty sure it was a red aura in the movie but yea kaioken looks great as well, especially in budokai 3.

BLACKBIBLE1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Xof & Williamson, that's not Kaioken attack, it's a new form that came from a DBZ movie. Goku's hair is actually red and he's called "God Goku"

Xof1251d ago


We know that. The point is that God Goku is essentially "goku, but red."

...Which is the exact same effect as Kaioken.

BLACKBIBLE1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Oh ok. Yeah I felt the same way when I saw it as well. Still movies don't count in the main DBZ story line so I let it go.

Sevir1251d ago

Lol. Its not kaioken, The final movie that just came out in march, showed that its the new super saiyin form. And the fact that Akira Toriyama penned the story totally makes it canon and makes Super Saiyin 4 not canon. Which is good because DB:GT was crap anyway and wasnt canon to Z since Akira didnt pen it or work on it.

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trickman8881252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

This is old. and nothing that we dont already know.

betan211252d ago

I'm over DZ saga nothing new.

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