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Breaking down Payday 2 is almost like trying to review two completely different games, as the difference between multiplayer and single player is the difference between a game you should buy, and one you should forget ever existed. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1644d ago

Gonna wait for some patches

Foolsjoker1644d ago

Yeah, it is just sad that they released the game like this. If they had just waited a week or two and fixed the problems, this would probably have scored much better.

dcj05241644d ago

Same problem they had with Payday 1. Thought they learned.

knifefight1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Gotta get some RAID, man.

Edit: I don't mean the bug spray, I mean

dbjj120881644d ago

I didn't find the same bugs on PC, but it seems like a rough launch all around.

Wedge191644d ago

Seems like it had such promise. Some people are enjoying it. Maybe once the bugs get fixed it will have better acclaim.

CaptainCamper1644d ago

I've been thoroughly enjoying it tbh. Got to level 50 so I've had a fair bit of play time. It has some serious flaws but somehow, it's still really good fun

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