Playstation 4 release date predictions.

With Sony's Gamescom press conference less than 24 hours away the big question on everyones mind is "What is the Playstation 4 release date?" With only a "Holiday 2013" release window we have gathered round some rumours and to try predict when the Playstation 4 release date will happen.

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xHeavYx1794d ago

We should know the release date in around 20 hours

Mario181794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )


00 Days 19 Hours 32 Mins 43 Secs

user74029311794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

i hear you every damn second counts, dude, coffee and cinnamon no sugar and your solid to stay up.

edit:no milk! you want to pump aaaaup. not get fat.

Mario181794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Milk or cream? Or both? Or None?


bub161794d ago

Wrong, It's

00 Days 19 Hours 23 Mins 00 Secs

ZodTheRipper1794d ago

Wrong, it's right after I get back from work! Lucky me ^_^

shoddy1794d ago

I want it asap please

xHeavYx1794d ago

Around 10 AM if I'm correct, here is a countdown

RedSoakedSponge1794d ago


congratulations on your 500th day of being a n4g member lmao!

i know thats totally random but i went on your profile and it looked like quite a significant number. haha XD

GdaTyler1794d ago


16 hours 55 minutes and 33 seconds.

shivvy241794d ago

hope its on my birthday 24th October which is on a Thursday !

MRMagoo1231794d ago

cant wait wooooot i hope there is a release date and its in oct!


500 days significant ? thats not very long i have been on here for 2178 and a lot of ppl have been here longer.

KingKevo1794d ago

That's why he said 'in around'.. *facepalm* And you get more likes than he does. Pathetic.

sAVAge_bEaST1793d ago


9am left coast time.

RedSoakedSponge1793d ago


i didnt mean significant as in a high number. but 500 has to be like a milestone or something lol. like how 1000 or 5000 would be lol.

iv been on this site for 2393 days fyi :P

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Sitdown1794d ago

Nice surprise not realizing that new video game information was inbound.....for some reason I was thinking the conference was Thursday.

ZodTheRipper1794d ago

October 21 is my wild guess. But I'm happy with everything earlier than December.

alien6261794d ago

It cant be earlier than Oct 30 no later than end of November. My guess is Nov 4 -6

RytGear1794d ago

I disagree that it cant be earlier than Oct 30. I would like to know your reasoning though.

I think its POSSIBLE because,
a)Sony passed FCC quite a while back.
b)As a hardware company they are far better at manufacturing in mass.
c)They have not made any changes so mass production could be well underway which would imply that its possible.

kneon1794d ago

My pre-order for AC4 on PS4 was bumped up from the default dec 31st date to Oct 29th. If that is the actual release date then I can't see the PS4 launching any later than that.

alien6261793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

If DICE is having the program where buying BF4 on ps3 you could transfer everything to PS4 version of BF4 then that means it wont be released before BF4. but like i said Oct30 - not later than Nov 19. Im just guessing Nov 4-6

@kneon if thats true than i cant wait for my PS4 to come out on Oct 31st

user74029311794d ago

nov 1st. my decision stands still.

Mikelarry1794d ago

lol time for guessing is long past we shall know in about 18 hours time

ZodTheRipper1794d ago

But I want to be the one screaming "I TOLD YOU!!11" tomorrow :(