Sony Gamescom 2013 Live Stream

Official Countdown for Sony Conference at Gamescom 2013 with live stream tomorrow.

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mushroomwig1673d ago

Likewise, I'm going out tomorrow so I'll make sure to pick up some snacks for the event. :3

Mario181673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

00 Days 19 Hours 36 Mins 33 Secs

00 Days 19 Hours 36 Mins 31 Secs

00 Days 19 Hours 36 Mins 27 Secs

Hurry up already!

shoddy1673d ago

I'm excited for more games goodness.

SolidStoner1672d ago

@ Mario18

00 Days 03 Hours 40 Mins 33 Secs

Still waiting!

There will be more games and release date for sure!

ZodTheRipper1672d ago

After the not so spectacular E3 conference my expectations are really high for today, don't disappoint me Sony!

Mario181672d ago

Thirty minutes remaining
Microsoft will need explaining
The show is about to start
Gimme some water
Or else I'm gonna blow a fart

Septic1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Man I raced home, almost ran over a few old age pensions for this. Made it in time, yes!

Guys, I call it now:

OMG music has got me so hyped. Its actually good as Shazam app is working overtime!

Bring on the goodness!

OMG Stop zooming out of the video!!! I dont want to see the heads of crowds!

Enemy1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Oh my god at Gran Turismo 6 graphics.

Edit: How is that on PS3? WTFFFFF

1672d ago
Septic1672d ago

That was underwhelming. Contrary to what many said, it was Sony that unveiled all its cards at E3, not Microsoft.

FriedGoat1672d ago

Rime looks like it might hold me off until The Last Guardian rears its head.

1672d ago
mewhy321672d ago

xbox what? micro$oft who?

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Mario181673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Why can't it be tomorrow already?

user74029311673d ago

lol...i see what u did, but i agree.

Psn8001672d ago

Yeah I'am very happy at the moment & getting extra excited about tomorrow's great news from Sony can't wait .

Zuperman1673d ago ShowReplies(4)
SnotyTheRocket1673d ago

Will the conference be in English or German? It is in Germany, after all.

mushroomwig1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

English with a German translation. Andy House is presenting and he is Welsh/British so he'll be speaking English.

The PlayStation presenters at Gamescom are usually British anyway, with the exception of Kaz who sometimes shows up.

showtimefolks1672d ago

so its 12 central time nice

I_am_Batman1672d ago

Oh my god I had so much to do this week I've totally forgotten the time. Now it's just a couple of hours left. All dates cancelled for today. I'm so hyped now.

Anarki1672d ago

Let the betting commense!

I say it launches November 11th!

otherZinc1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

SONY ain't gone say sh*t!
They're not, now that M$ didn't say anything but show games, now what's SONY going to bring to the table, on their own?

Thehyph1672d ago

The only thing Sony has to say today, for me to be happy at least, is that they are launching in October. I would put money on it, too.
Also expect to see media molecule's new
game and some vita content.
Anything beyond that is just bonus.

karl1672d ago

Why r u soo excited about the xone? It has no games dude. All third party.

If they aint forst party ww dont care.. we will buy them when they launch on ps4 in a year.... till then we will enjoy all our ps3 and 4 exclusives that will never be on a ms console..

Wake up dude. Dont waste your money

ArthurSataine1672d ago

The fact Microsoft keeps putting their foot in their mouths means Sony doesn't HAVE to say anything. They have already come out on top.

indysurfn1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

@Karl I agree, except I will add to your comment that at the MOST a year later they will be on PS4 most of them will be in only 6 months! And this gen it will be easy to double the 30fps xbone third party games to 60fps on the PS4! And some other improvements! On coming beat down.

That's right I'm saying current gen 19 out of 20 times the third party was made to run smoother on the x360. But in the PS4/xbone gen things will switch to being made to run smoother on the PS4.

And like I keep saying if you look at my comment from pre feb-2013 you will see I was a xbox(original), and xbox360 fantoy(that had a ps3 on the side)! So don't go saying only Sony fans are saying this! The real GAMERS with backbone that don't sell there rights to M$ are saying this! Backbone is not to be confused with xbone!

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3-4-51672d ago

This is happening in 26 minutes ?

Consoldtobots1672d ago

didn't expect a GT movie. hope it turns out well.

Phene1672d ago

Yeah this was weak ..oh well November 15th is now the next date to look forward to, gotta go check my amazon preorder now lol

l4nnister1672d ago

Well... this was a waste of time.

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Mikelarry1673d ago

all i want to know is the release date and price of the games anything else is an icing on the cake

christrules00411673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Sony already stated that there first party games are staying at $60. They can't control what the third party developers do though.

Mikelarry1673d ago

well i don't think the retail outlets in the uk are aware of those prices have you seen what they are charging

also lol at the disagrees, you guys are too much

christrules00411673d ago

No I haven't seen what they are charging. Can you tell me though? In the UK it's pounds as well instead of dollars if I'm thinking right at least.

Mikelarry1673d ago

yeah you are right uk is in pounds, they are charging 55 pouunds which equals 86 dollars

knack amazon

knack gamestop

paul-p19881673d ago

It depends on where you get the games, in the high street you can expect about £50 for PS3 games, but online they tend to stay around £40 (except for CoD, which price gouge us into £55-£60 depending how they feel that year... but most supermarkets run deals on CoD so you can get it for £30 if you buy your weekly shop at the same time)

I've actually just checked on of the site i use to buy my games ( and all the PS4 titles are £55.... seems i'll wait until the game has been out a month or two then get it at PS3 prices lol

gaelic_laoch1672d ago

The Xbone appetizer was mediocre at best but now its time for the Main Course and it smells good!

Old McGroin1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Speaking of food, you have some egg on your face gaelic_laoch.

Very disappointed with Sony's "announcements".

andibandit1672d ago

I hope for you that your favorite food is indie games

mrbojingles1673d ago

I'm calling it: PS4 US release date of October 25th

stage881673d ago

I'm going with the rumoured 21st October.

Saddam_hussein1673d ago

I'm hoping its October 21st

Release dates are the only thing I want from both systems.

I believe that if micro dosent lower their price their gonna start alot slower than desired.

Eonjay1673d ago

I'm gonna take October 29th
Thats my final answer.

Boody-Bandit1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )


Last chance.
Are you sure you don't want to use your life line or is that truly your final answer?

Any day in October would be good with me. The sooner the better. Today would be best.

October 26th would be cool. That's when the PS2 was released.

mgeezy3131672d ago

I'm going to run with you on this one. Oct 21, 2013. The legend begins!

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M-M1673d ago

I think I'm going to go with August 29th.

GoodnessGreatness1673d ago

Or maybe Sony would make a surprise. It's coming out this September!

mgeezy3131672d ago

Bricks would be shat...

Orbilator1672d ago

well lets just go right out the ball park and say that at the end of kaz's speech,
he'll say "oh! and one more thing PS4 is available right now to purchase at the booth and retailers from tomorrow!"

Shut the Fook up, I can dream can't i :)

Pintheshadows1672d ago

That would probably cause some kind of riot.

Orbilator1672d ago

but what a riot it would be lol especially at at another booth lool


Yeah Sega did that once and look how that turned out...

PickAShoe1672d ago

I head would explode if they said Available Now!

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Trago13371673d ago

Does anyone know when this will hit in Eastern Time?

Trago13371673d ago

Thank you.

Gotta say, I'm pumped. I don't plan on getting a PS4 'till next year, but people are saying that they're gonna announce new games, which is always good.

Afirmitive1673d ago

@ Trago it's1pm eastern

Just got news Microsoft wont be having a conference. Sony wins every time.

Saddam_hussein1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

That's not needed. Micro will be there. And they have announcements. Don't say things that make you seem childish.

Edit :

I get my news from the same place everyone else does that is a "hardcore" gamer. I don't have on my fanboy glasses is the only difference.

Afirmitive1673d ago

Where are you getting your news bud?...You mad?

user74029311673d ago

childish...coming from saddam hussein, priceless.

christrules00411673d ago

Microsoft isn't having a conference though. They are having a "showcase". Here is the link.

Flyingdog6701673d ago

Well, Microsoft will be hosting a private event and be releasing information as the event goes on. Didn't they confirm that they will reveal a new exclusive?

Afirmitive1673d ago

I said nothing about a private event. I said conference. And I said Sony wins only because conferences are usually the highlight/spotlight. Get my drift?

HammadTheBeast1673d ago

They won't be streaming or showing anything from the private event. Probably PR on lock down.

_FantasmA_1673d ago

Yeah but M$ doesn't know what the word exclusive means. They will probably announce Uncharted 4 as their next "exclusive."

Trago13371673d ago

I'm excited to see what both of them are announcing.