Xbox One bundled with a free game?

Sentral Gamer weigh in on the rumour of a free game bundled with every Xbox One console, should it be FIFA 14?

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allformats1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

FIFA 14 in Europe. But you could buy PS4 and FIFA, and still save money as compared to the Xbox One/FIFA 14 Bundle.

PS4 + Fifa 14 = £390
Xb1 + Fifa 14 = £430

badboy7761946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Crackdown or Deadrising 2?

black0o1946d ago

Fifa isnt cheep game, it sell damn well, i'd say fable legend

trafalger1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

m$ looks to be trying to increase value and get consumers onboard for a $500 price tag. i dont see a 3rd party publisher agreeing to this. my guess would be killer instinct and a full line-up of characters included. either that or lococycle.

user74029311946d ago

lol for the love of god/science/love/universe. there is no way they will do this. its not even wishful thinking, its below that.

HammadTheBeast1946d ago

It's stupid to think that EA will just give away their highest selling game with every Xbox.

Wishful thinking.

iamnsuperman1946d ago


It depends on how much Microsoft gave them. It isn't like FIFA is going exclusive. They may have an exclusive deal for a bundle which Microsoft pays the extra cost. This would be one massive and expensive deal though

jackanderson19851946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

@dirty and hammad

while i don't believe it's going to be Fifa it wouldn't be out of microsoft reach

a 300 million expenditure to bundle fifa with each box... it'd reduce the (rumored) profit per console to 50/60 dollars a box not exactly piss poor considering the PS3 sold at a considerable loss due to the inclusion of the blu ray which at the time was ridiculously high in price

which isn't bad considering they'll make anywhere from 45-60 from XBL which is almost entirely net profit

tokugawa1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

the stupidity on here is shocking.

what do you think that this is some sort of good will gesture? that "free" games are free? that the games bundles dont cost anything???

are you people that stupid??????

bundled games are PAID for by the who ever is giving them out!

a quick example for hammad and dirtypimp. say fifa retails at £50. EA takes for example £35, microsoft take say £10 in royalties and the retailer £5 ( i obviously dont know the exact breakdown).

what will happen is this.

microsoft will PAY EA the £35 and the retailers cut (if this is disc based) and not collect their royalties.


clear enough for you guys and the dimwits who agreed??

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kenmid1946d ago

Why are you talking about the PS4, I thought this was Xbox One article.

Timesplitter141946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Just Dance 2014
- Kinect support
- Family-friendly
- Not just popular in Europe
- Wouldn't cost a fortune for MS, unlike FIFA
- Relies heavily on DLC, which would make this profitable for Ubi. A free FIFA with every console would make no sense at all for EA, unless MS directly paid them the price of every game bundled with the X1, which would make no sense for MS since they'd be better off just reducing the X1's price while they're at it.

In my opinion, this is the game that makes the most sense

mouzone1946d ago

if anything they should include that new kinect sports bull sh#t

iamnsuperman1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Well it depends where you get it from

PS4+FIFA= £396
ONE + FIFA (if the bundle is free)= £429

The idea is persuade consumers to get it making the $100 seem a lot less (which it does). The next big thing to look at is when these things release. If Microsoft release too far away from the FIFA release date this move may not have the impact they desire.

edit @below sorry didn't put the correct UK currancy

HammadTheBeast1946d ago

I'm not sure how you got those numbers... One base price is $499... so....

thrust1946d ago

Add the camera aswell because I would want the ps4 cam

torchic1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

yeah, sure.

nick3091946d ago

But you still get kinect for that price.

trywizardo1946d ago

god damn it you guys just keep getting dumber and dumber ... its an exclusive game for X1 its not fifa

gamertk4211945d ago

Exclusive bundle, not platform exclusive. Might want to be careful calling others stupid, as it can make you look doubly so.

Ben121946d ago

Yep your right but you still don't get ps eye that's extra money for you.

gaelic_laoch1946d ago

If it is FIFA will EA allow online multiplier play????

creatchee1946d ago


"But you could buy PS4 and FIFA, and still save money as compared to the Xbox One/FIFA 14 Bundle."

People were buying the One without a free game. This sweetens the deal for them and maybe gets a few people on board who were holding out.

Who cares what relation the price is to the PS4?

SillyYou1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Yeah of course they give Fifa14 just for free, lol. That's like everyone gets the new COD for free in america. FIFA is #1 selling franchise in europe.

christocolus1946d ago

Dude how do we know its fifa and even at that your analysis is not necessary. At £430 you get the console, kinect 2 and a free game (an aa game most likely)..its totally worth the price of admission. I have been saying this MS is going all out this gen.expect a lot more deals with 3rd party devs..a lot more.

hakeem09961946d ago

Isn't Killer Instinct already a free game that comes with the console ? It's not a free to win game ?

SITH1945d ago

Technically yes. I would call it a demo given to get all the characters you have pay.

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retrozoid1946d ago

true, either way it will be interesting, really MS need to release the Xbone 5th November, if the console is out end of Nov why would someone wait 3 weeks after Ghosts release dat for the next gen one?

DeadManV1946d ago

The game is probably Ubisofts Fighter Within - unique third party game for Kinect

trywizardo1946d ago

or maybe the exclusive from platinumgames (rumors says they are doing an exclusive for MS)

Transporter471946d ago

Do they mean Killer Instinct?

Izzy4081946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

KI will will be free but with limited content. Sort of like Drive Club on the PS4.

Deadpoolio1946d ago

You mean EXTREMELY limited F2p that requires a Gold membership and you get 1 character, so IF your character is not Jago then you get to purchase your character for $5-10 bucks....

Good thing Sony doesn't require PS+ for F2P games...Oh wait they don't nickle and dime the hell out of people with battery packs, headset adapters and making people pay to use apps they pay for a subscription for

Transporter471946d ago

The reason i said KI is because it technically does come with your X1 unless they are adding another game which I'm unaware of and on Killer Instinct you get one character i believe on Driveclub you basically have almost the full game minues a few tracks and cars i believe.

Fireseed1946d ago

KI is not F2P... Don't believe me?

"No way in fu#$%ng hell is Killer Instinct free to play." - Ken Lobb

gaelic_laoch1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

This is the type of positive customer courting M$ need to be doing! I just pray for the Xbone and Fans sake that there are no whacked out strings attached and not BUNGLED with a free game!

admiralvic1946d ago

I am sure many people are gong to disagree with me, but M$ needs to stick to their guns and hope for the best. I am getting tired of every week being a new thing that makes the XB1 more desirable. Between the policies being reversed (great choice, but it would have been best to leave it as an opt in or out situation), headset being added, a sticker (almost got me to buy one!), double A batteries (this is when they sold me.), Kinect being optional and now a game... it just seems like they're way too desperate for sales. Even Sony / Nintendo let their systems float around not selling for quite a while without resorting to massive backtracking / more and more bundling.

Would much rather see M$ win me over with a strong line up / positive features, not caving into every demand / whim of the consumer.

gaelic_laoch1946d ago

It time now for M$ to finally draw a line in the sand and show commitment to their new vision. Confidence in their own product is what is going to ultimately sell Xbones.

Gamers tend to research, study and analysis their gaming choices and can easily sniff out anything that seems dodgy but they can be equally forgiving once they get behind a product that appeals and reaches out to them.

PS4 certainly has the hardware experience but M$ can really trump SONY when it comes to presentation of the gaming experience!

Deadpoolio1946d ago

They don't have a vision they probably never did have a real strong plan they just wanted to see what they could get away with and when their console got crushed by PS4 pre orders it was time to start backtracking....It looks weak and shows that they never had any real commitment to their initial plan

windblowsagain1946d ago

I doubt it's FIFA 14.

More like a FIFA f2p like the one for PC.

HammadTheBeast1946d ago

That's..... actually really what I expect.