Building A Dragon Age Rivalry: Mages Versus Templars

GI:Many narratives thrive off their rivalries, and Dragon Age is no different. Tensions between the Templars and mages reached a new level with an all-out battle in Dragon Age II, with Hawke having to pick a side. Dragon Age: Inquisition throws you right into the aftermath, and the two groups are still at odds.

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Xof1769d ago

Here's hoping they do a better job with the whole Mage/Templar thing than DA2.

I know the level design sucked and all, but honestly, the way Bioware handled the mage/templar conflict was--IMHO--the absolute weakest part of the game.

CourierSix1769d ago

Mmm a can't agree, but I can't disagree really. I liked it but I know what you mean.