Losing Michael Ironside As Sam Fisher Doesn't Hurt Splinter Cell: Blacklist

GR: "By trimming the fat, Ubisoft takes Splinter Cell back to its roots in sandbox stealth play and globe-trotting espionage."

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dbjj120881708d ago

Agreed. I liked Conviction but it seemed kind of held back by the story/Sam Fisher's age.

acharlez1708d ago

Out with the old.

In with the new.

Sev1708d ago

Crazy how little buzz there is for Splinter Cell. There was once a time when it was a AAA release and people went nuts for it. Shame that a series can fall so far from the top.

dbjj120881708d ago

It didn't help that the last game was exclusive to Xbox 360.

cunnilumpkin1707d ago

actually it was on pc as well

and it was much better on pc, way better visuals, ZERO jaggies, 60 frames per second, no awful textures, no ugly screen tearing, better/more control options (splinter cell games play better with kb/m, can access all gadgets with the touch of a button over fumbling through menus)

just like this one is going to destroy the console versions on pc

TrendyGamers1708d ago

Seems like Saints Row 4 is getting more pre-release attention.

Wedge191708d ago

I didn't even realize that this was coming so soon! I thought it was further away. Like others are saying, sad the amount of pre-release attention that is being diverted from it. Seems like it will be a good game.

AcesHigh2911708d ago

People getting too attached to a voice actor? You don't say.

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