Def Leppard DLC Coming to XBL and PSN April 24

The Def Leppard coming to Guitar Hero III/IV rumors are still ricocheting around the net. First there was Phil Collen announcing on Rockline that Def Leppard would have 3 songs in Guitar Hero 4, then the news that the Def Leppard tracks Collen mentioned were confirmed to not be part of Guitar Hero IV but featured as DLC for GHIII.

Today, word on the street is that on April 24th, DLC featuring Def Leppard's newest single "Nine Lives" as well as "Rock of Ages" and "Photograph" will be available for download via XBL and PSN.

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gogators3902d ago

coming for Rock Band. If they didn't break soo easily, it be cool to double peddle and one hand drumming.

Lookbehind3902d ago

Yuck I hate Def Leppard.