EA Canada Working on a "Next Gen Open World Action Game" With "Visceral, Fast and Fun" Combat

EA Canada posted an interesting recruitment ad for a lead combat designer that would work on a "third/first person" "next gen open world action game" with" visceral, fast and fun" combat and "memorable weapons, enemies and player abilities".

Not too bad of an undertaking for the developer of sports series like FIFA and NHL.

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andrewer1797d ago

Boycotting EA, so, no, thanks.

Abriael1797d ago

Boycotting games just because of their brand is the silliest thing a gamer can do.

andrewer1796d ago

No. I do this because of the several studios they've killed, ridiculous DRM/DLC policies, ridiculous control/pressure over good studios that result in shitty games...Boycott isn't something silly, but a movement when you want better stuff from a falling company.

Abriael1796d ago

@andrewer: oooh i'm moved.

So you boycott them for the studios they've killed rite?

And who do you think it hurts? the big monolithic corporation that won't even sneeze, or the studios themselves?

Do get real, please.

adorie1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I'm a human being first before a "gamer", Abriael.
It's silly to you, maybe, But to those who want to send a message, no matter how little; closing your wallet is the best way to do that, it works better in droves, though.

I'd rather be the only one not to support a company I believe is doing more harm than good, than to support crap-ola.

Buy less, make the most out of less. That's how I live.

I don't need to own a shit-ton of games and all consoles to validate my 'gamer' status.
That appears to be the common thinking of people on this site, who attempt to be bilateral, when in fact, it just comes off as arrogant and thoughtless.

PopRocks3591796d ago

Abriael, just stop.

There's nothing wrong with having low opinion of a company with otherwise clearly anti-consumer practices as well as actions in their history that clearly reflect poorly on them, such as closing down studios at the drop of a dime or axing off franchises after THEY screw up their launches by releasing DRM-ridden and broken, dysfunctional products.

No one needs to support ANY EA games whatsoever, and in my personal case, I choose to avoid EA whenever possible. Why? Because I don't like their practices and therefor I don't want to support them.

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3-4-51796d ago

Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefont, Fifa

Your missing out on same actual legit good IP's by boycotting EA.

I don't like everything EA does though, some of their games are complete trash.

andrewer1796d ago

It's for a good and greater cause, you have to sacrifice somethings to get better stuff.

MrTrololo1796d ago

Gamer like you is the reason why gaming industry is falling apart. You so whiny that you want some gaming company to die when they bring something unique

andrewer1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Ridiculous. I want to EA to get better, just like the good'ol days. And I'm doing something to that happen, not just acting like people like you that have no desire for better games/services, and simply play, without caring, narrow minded, something I actually don't understand.
PS: Open World, unique?

DragonKnight1796d ago

So do I. That series has too much potential to be doomed to the obscurity it's in right now.

Maddens Raiders1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Too bad it's EA. My excitement is on hold, indefinitely.

True_Samurai1797d ago

There's being a heavy push of online games next gen

gedden71797d ago

Yeah IDC about this one.. EA is involved.. 'm sure they will manage to throw a jab at Nintendo's Wii U and costumers who don't like games always online...

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