IGN: NASCAR 09 Hands-on

IGN writes: "NASCAR is a brutal, unforgiving sport. The cars are speeding tanks, the drivers are tough as nails, and the beer in the stands is usually terrible.

Although there's a lot of drama to be found on the NASCAR circuit, the sport gets a lot of flak from non-fans for being nothing more than a series of left turns by cars that all look pretty much the same. And despite the huge popularity of NASCAR as a spectator sport, its accompanying videogame franchise has had a hit-and-miss history.

Last year's installment, NASCAR 08, was met with mixed reviews, due in part to some handling peculiarities. This year, the developers at Electronic Arts' Tiburon studio are back with another go at the game, and they've addressed the control questions raised by some of last year's armchair NASCAR drivers."

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