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Excerpt: "Simon Viklund’s score is more varied than the original game, going less for a Elliot Goldenthal sound, and providing music that matches the action, or inaction. Simon’s sound even calls on other games he’s worked on, such as the track “Full Force Forward”, that sounds directly lifted from a Bionic Commando game. The music is the driving force of PAYDAY 2, providing the tempo and motivation to get through a game. The initial defaults for the music was a little too high, not allowing me to hear the rest of the action.

PAYDAY 2 is a full execution of greatness, whereas PAYDAY: The Heist was proof of concept. OVERKILL has improved the sequel in every way. If you’re a single-player gamer, you should likely stay away. The AI is not beneficial to conducting a well-organized heist or helping you out in any meaningful way. But, if you’re paired with at least one or two other friends, you’re going to have a lot of fun experimenting and initiating different tactics of play, again and again."

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