Saints Row IV Review (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox: "The story won’t be winning any BAFTA’s, but then it wasn’t designed too. You progress through rescuing your crew from their own simulations, turn them into bad ass alien butt-kicking superheroes and then when ready, deliver a whole can of ass whooping to Zinyak and his posse. (Come on, I sounded gangster, right?) You’ll see the plot twists coming from light-years ahead but it won’t matter much as it’s all about the comedic delivery of the story and just how outlandishly inappropriate it can be that will keep you playing until the end. And as a critic of this game before release, I can genuinely say it was the thing that kept me going… it certainly wasn’t the visuals."

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Simco8761526d ago

I'm glad that this game is fun, still going to wait for GTA V though. I do miss Saints Row II, funny stuff.