The Order: 1886 Will Skip Gamescom 2013

Sony Santa Monica announced on twitter.

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Abash1612d ago

Damn I was looking forward to seeing more of it

abzdine1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

that's ok, we know it exists and Ready at Dawn will not disappoint!
now make some room for some announced titles!

EDIT: probably a world premiere gameplay reveal at VGAs next to a trailer of Uncharted 4!

AngelicIceDiamond1612d ago

I agree.

So far Gamescom doesn't sound all that exciting at the moment.

Transporter471612d ago


I personally can't wait, just regarding the announce date for the PS4 is more then enough to be worth watching.

UltimateMaster1612d ago

Probably showing off more exclusives games, will hear more about it this year and next.

MysticStrummer1612d ago

We already knew The Order wasn't coming any time soon. I'm more interested in new title announcements personally.

FamilyGuy1612d ago

This is GamesCom, I'm expecting a big focus on games made by European studios. I'm just hoping for a PS4 release date.

trafalger1612d ago

i would not be surprised if this game isn't out until 2015. sony has a history of showing games very early.

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Muerte24941612d ago

They're probably deep into development and there is more stuff to announce.

LaChance1612d ago

I expect a heavy focus on multiplats just like at E3.

modesign1612d ago

killzone, infamous, knack, driveclub, are multiplats all the sudden.

ZHZ901612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

MS E3 Press Conference, most of those games were Multiplats like MGSV, BF4,AC4 etc etc.

Get over it.
You don't benefit anything by acting as Xbox Fanboy.

JsonHenry1612d ago

I'm very interested in this title as well. Was hoping I would see more of it.

BaronVonRhett1612d ago

Some one thinks you didn't want to see more xD

Rimeskeem1612d ago

(>'_')> the order 1886

why you no show us gameplay yet

JoSneak1612d ago

just wait till the 21. you may get surprised

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Convas1612d ago

No man, COME ON. This was one of my anticipated GamesCom viewings :(

ZodTheRipper1612d ago

I was too hoping for some gameplay ...but it can't be helped. I'd guess that they'll attend VGA instead. Sony's Gamescom showings were always more about the european studios.

IKizzLE1612d ago



shivvy241612d ago

Look on the bright side , were getting a release date and new gameplay from ratchet nexus

user74029311612d ago

i hope they show more deep down. those graphics are by FAR the best i had seen this e3, followed by the division.

anyhow i hoped 1886 would be shown but no worries, im sure there's plenty more new and refreshing ip's we'll see.

slimeybrainboy1612d ago

*spoiler alert* That was tech demo.

AnteCash1612d ago

It was made inengine and you can see char models on net that dont differ much from that trailer.

Relientk771612d ago


I cant wait to see more from this game