Do We Even Need to PLAY Games?

Oliver from GamR Mag Writes: "Games nowadays are increasingly more life like and the graphics are just getting better and better over time. This is providing a more cinematic experience for the player and any viewer. Can a gamer gain insight from simply watching a game play through on YouTube?"

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Iltapalanyymi1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Yes? The experience will be much better if you play the game by yourself and no lets player will shout during cutscenes.

xHeavYx1766d ago

"Watching PewDiePie play along accompanied with his engaging and funny commentary, I felt like I was playing alongside him"
A picture comes to mind of a little kid watching another, more fortunate kid ride a bike.
Personally, I think watching someone else play a game is as fun as watching snails race

slimeybrainboy1766d ago

I don't like playing MGS games, the stealth just limits me but I've always loved watching people play it, as a kid and now on YouTube. I have seen MGS and MGS2 played through as a kid and MGS3 and 4 by a Youtube I like (Vash12349).

I don't want to play Day-Z but I like Frankieonpc and jackfrags. There are some games that I dont enjoy playing but enjoy watching.

claterz1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I think it's interesting to watch lets plays because you get to see how other people react, and sometimes it's completely different to how you reacted at that point in the game. I've just been watching lets plays of the first and last parts of The Last of Us, and it's cool how some people really care about the characters and others just race through the game without even thinking about anything.

That said I don't think lets plays can ever replace actually playing a game for yourself. I only watch lets plays for games that I've finished just to see how people react to certain parts :)

Look at how many people bash Journey and Heavy Rain for being boring and yet the majority of people who played them feel the complete opposite.

Flavor1766d ago

With stilted 'story' games like last of us, theres not much difference between watching and playing.

WeAreLegion1766d ago

Yes. Interaction is what gives video games more potential that television or film.

Lovable1766d ago

I've bought tons of games from watching a playthrough first. It surely helped me know which game I will keep in my selection since I don't sell games. Once I buy it, I keep it forever.

mushroomwig1766d ago

Games are an interactive medium so yes, you'll always need to play the game in order to get the full experience.

KwietStorm1766d ago

Face, this is palm. Palm, face.

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