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Submitted by TheArabGamer 832d ago | opinion piece

Please Sony, don't make PS4 controllers get sticky

Ever since those dual analog sticks popped out we've been enjoying 3D gaming the proper way on the Playstation. Unfortunately those rubbery sticks can feel quite sticky and cheap. (PS4)

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n4rc  +   832d ago
im going to make the obvious joke here...

but when you live somewhere its 120 degrees.. things get sticky! lol

all in good fun
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   832d ago
The article is pointing to the right stick being sticky but i thought it would be the left :P
UltimateMaster  +   832d ago
The PS3 improved in that department.
But the PS4 seemed to have fixed all problems and looks to be the ultimate controller.
ShinMaster  +   832d ago
Personally, I've never had a DualShock's analog stick get sticky.
Orange  +   832d ago
I had one controller that had gooey, sticky sticks. And I live in San Francisco, where the cool temperature is pretty much the same year round. Five other that didn't.

One was "sticky" in that it didn't respond instantly but wasn't gooey. Very inconsistent quality to the controllers, to be honest.

Looking forward to getting my hands on the DS4.
Salooh  +   832d ago
All my controllers eventually got sticky . I hope they get over that . Never saw that in the ps1 and 2 , i don't know what's changed now..
XisThatKid  +   832d ago
Just for a the record, Yoshida confirmed that his will not happen to PS4 controllers strangely a couple months back on his twit.
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GameSpawn  +   832d ago
This is a minor flaw I just noticed with ALL my DualShock controllers (PS1, PS2, PS3). If left unused the rubber on the analog sticks gets sticky for some reason.

I don't know if it has something to due with humidity or what? If you use the controller regularly this never happens. Let a controller sit unused for a month or so and you'll notice the goo. I little alcohol and a soft cloth are all that it takes to fix it. I also recommend rubber covers like these:

I got one of these for my DS3 (mainly for the trigger pieces) and have grown to love the bonus thumb stick covers for the texture they add (never goos either).
Kevin ButIer  +   832d ago
they only get sticky when you don't use them for a long period of time... stop writing and go to play some games for god sake...
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rainslacker  +   832d ago

Rubber drys out when it's not used. Rubber is actually made from trees, and can be prone to drying out if going unused for a while. Let a car tire sit long enough and it becomes noticeable on the side wall, even though tires now are synthetic.

When rubber dries, it will soak up the oil from a persons skin to rehydrate itself. Since a person's skin is never perfectly clean and always have micro-particles of dirt/grit, the grit becomes separated from the oil and over time causes a sticky residue to form. Given enough time this sticky residue will just attract more dirt, causing a gooey mess.

This is how regular rubber works. I'm not personally sure if Sony uses natural rubber, or synthetic rubber for it's pads. Synthetic rubber comes in many different forms so the above scenario may not be true.

I think perhaps people should just wash their hands more, as that is the most likely cause of the stickiness.
Kleptic  +   831d ago
^^no man, this isn't 'oil from your fingers' getting on the controller...this is something with the chemistry of the sticks themselves...

It only happens if you don't touch the controller for a LONG time...I have 4 DS3's...2 i use regularly, the other 2 only come out when needed...the 2 used regularly have none of this...I don't really clean the sticks or anything, just go through and clean out the plastic divides every once in a while...

but the 2 left alone? nearly unusable until i attack them with rubbing alcohol...its just something with the 'rubber' separating if not agitated or something...but its 100% not oil from your hands just building up on the sticks...the one DS3 I have was used for less than 5 minutes and put away for a month...the sticks looked like they were dipped in tar...
user7402931  +   832d ago | Funny
i think the controller gets sticky when you go to the internet browser.
dcj0524  +   832d ago
Very sticky. And wet
SuperSandLegend  +   832d ago
I have to get my fix somehow.

*kanye shrug*
christian hour  +   832d ago
I never had a problem with sticky analogue sticks, although I have witnessed several friends controllers, especially the right stick, go down from an r3 click further than it should and stay there.

You'd always have to pop it back up but as soon as you moved it again it fell back down and the traction was off a bit.

I've seen this on a lot of dual shock controllers over the years, unless thats what the author was referring to as "Sticky"... I dunno, I live on a small island next to the Atlantic in the northern hemisphere so we don't exactly get warm climates, just rain followed by more rain.
rainslacker  +   832d ago
I've noticed on my controllers if you move the pad all the way in one direction, you can often see dust where the shell meets the stick itself. There is a small gap there. This dirt probably gets down into the controller, and when combined with the oil from one's skin it can eventually cause it to stick. Since the right stick is less used, it has more chances to form.

This dirt can be cleaned with a swab and rubbing alcohol, but if there is already sticking you'll probably have to take the controller apart to get it clean.
bigfish  +   832d ago
I remember mine got sticky once, it was like it was melting or something......was strange. But i did leave it on the window sill so i guess it has something to do with the heat from sun etc
3-4-5  +   832d ago
Kind of related, but why was it thought that a rounded top would be the best way to go ? Seems so obvious that a concave top is much better for gripping and control.

I'm glad they are learning from mistakes.
Iltapalanyymi  +   832d ago
Shuhei Yoshida already confirmed that the PS4 controller wont get sticky.
wishingW3L  +   832d ago

edit: since all I got was a disagree for asking a question I used google and this is what I found:

Shuhei Yoshida : "The material is different from DS3's, so hopefully not."

Not exactly a confirmation of anything.
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theWB27  +   832d ago
You questioned Sony...that's all it takes.
Gameratheart  +   832d ago
These Sony fanboys on this site are blind retards.... Anything, no matter how true, that's not a gleaming praise for Sony, gets disagrees... You idiots are a disgrace... People like that make me a little embarrassed to own a ps3, and have a ps4 preordered....
Arai  +   832d ago
He's right, they already confirmed that they are using a different material for the DS4.
Apparently when you DON'T use the DS3 for a while the thumb sticks can get "sticky" (natural occurrence due to the materials used).

I've yet to have such a problem but I've read about it on some forums that some users have experienced it.

Too bad for this "gaming site" that they aren't on top of their game otherwise they would know that Shuhei/Sony confirmed it months ago.
Daves  +   832d ago
Yeah, the sticks on the controller I don't use often, I mean like for months, do get sticky.

The one I use frequently does not.
madpuppy  +   832d ago
It sounds like a similar problem that Honda and Acura cars had from the 90's if the car sat for a while the steering wheel and shift selector would get gooey, I think it is from a build up of dead skin and natural amino acids and oils from the fingers causing it. if you clean your controllers every once in a while with a damp, lint free cloth and wash your hands it doesn't happen...never had a problem with mine.
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GribbleGrunger  +   832d ago
I really do love my PS3 but not THAT much.
GdaTyler  +   832d ago
LOL, don't drain yourself too much. Save it for something else.
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nick309  +   832d ago
My controller never got sticky as i wash my hands before playing... I dunno why people eat a snack play ps3 then say its sticky.
dp277407  +   832d ago
I hate when people do that.
wishingW3L  +   832d ago
it get's sticky because it absorbs humidity and it happens to every Dualshock controller no matter how much you take care of it.
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nick309  +   832d ago
Then remove the analog cover in that case.
fsfsxii  +   832d ago
That never happened to me. Except with a 5 year old Sixaxis controller thats been treated like garbage.
Hicken  +   832d ago
... the hell?

No DualShock I've ever had, going back to the PS1's Dual Analog, has ever gotten sticky.

Two PS1s= ~5 controllers
Three PS2s= ~7 controllers (had to have em for Time Splitters, plus replacements for when the rubber on the sticks got loose)
Two PS3s= ~5 controllers

Almost 20 controllers, NONE of them sticky. And I live in Georgia, where heat and humidity are are sure as death and taxes. So who're you kidding?

Also, they wouldn't absorb humidity, as that's just a measure of how much moisture is in the air. They could absorb that MOISTURE, but not humidity.

Really, though, how in the hell can you tell people "It happens to every controller" when all these people are saying "It's never happened to any of my controllers?"
Gameratheart  +   832d ago
No, not every one of em... Mine never got sticky. It has sat unused for months at a time, still never got sticky.
MRMagoo123  +   832d ago
"it get's sticky because it absorbs humidity and it happens to every Dualshock controller no matter how much you take care of it." every controller huh ? i live in QLD Australia its humid as heck here in the summer and hot as heck too up to 50 degrees C and i have 5 controllers ones i dont use ever and 2 i use every day none of them are sticky at all how do you explain that without some "you must just be a lying fanboy" comment ?
rainslacker  +   832d ago
It doesn't absorb humidity. The moisture in the materials themselves actually dries out, which leaves only the oil from a person's skin there, which eventually turns into the sticky residue, as this oil itself is absorbed into the materials, and then dries out. If you've ever seen any oily substance dry out, it's the exact same stickiness. It really has nothing to do with where you live, or the humidity in the air. Moisture evaporates.

If it happened to every DS you've ever had, I'd recommend getting some Soft Soap hand washing liquid and using some water to clean your dirty ass fingers in addition to your monthly bath.
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titans9999  +   832d ago
It's not snack related, there some chemical that eventually oozes out of the controller, I just hope it is not poisonous!
wishingW3L  +   832d ago
too late buddy. The DS4 uses the same crappy absorbing texture for the sticks as the DS3's. ;(
inf3cted1  +   832d ago
Criticize sony = disagree
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isarai  +   832d ago
people are disagreeing because it's already confirmed the DS4 uses a different material in an effort to address this problem.
inf3cted1  +   832d ago
All I read was the comment above:


edit: since all I got was a disagree for asking a question I used google and this is what I found:

Shuhei Yoshida : "The material is different from DS3's, so hopefully not."

Not exactly a confirmation of anything. "

That was from wishingW3L
ShinMaster  +   832d ago
Criticize Microsoft = disagree

Criticize Nintendo = disagree

What's your point?
Gameratheart  +   831d ago
You don't even have to criticize Sony, to get disagrees. All it takes is for a comment to not be rimming Sony ass, like the fanboys do, and you get disagrees. Let the disagrees fly! Moronic fanboys.
JetsFool3500  +   832d ago
@nick309 then have pizza cutters as analog sticks? Nahh id rather keep them sticky
fsfsxii  +   832d ago
Stop spreading lies.
I wonder how people like you still have 5 bubbles.
MRMagoo123  +   832d ago
its because this site is obviously run by sony fanboys thats why the blatant xboners troll has more bubbles than me when i support sony 100% /s this site is completely full of hypocrites, the xboners like to pretend its some one sided site as soon as they get a disagree but the majority of the xboners have more bubbles than the sony guys. They all fall on this falsehood that its all sony fanboys here when its really about even.

Except for one major difference the sony fans usually have some kind of proof to back their words and the xboners have nothing but a made up lie of rumor, proven recently when every article giving ps4 a negative light was proven fake.
Hicken  +   832d ago
Well-said, Magoo.

They reset the bubbles pre-E3, and for me to be a so-called Sony fanboy on a so-called Sony fanboy site, it sure didn't take them long to pull me back down. Hell, I got a bubble late last week and it was gone after a day for a "Trolling" remark that I can't figure out. Got a "Well-Said" a day later, but here I sit, still at three. Sent in a ticket, got no response

Meanwhile, folks troll or intentionally spread lies like wishingW3L is doing(or theWB in a lot of other places), and they maintain 5.

Yep, Sony fansite confirmed.
theWB27  +   832d ago

Don't throw me into that crowd Hicken lol...I speak facts and opinions...not trolling.

I may defend Microsoft...but I don't bash Sony with false info. Anyway...thanks : )
Godmars290  +   832d ago
Are there suppose to be pictures w/the article?
carlingtat  +   832d ago
I'd ask sony to make them more durable I had to buy a few controllers due to the thumbstick wearing down and the buttons getting horsed!
Goro  +   832d ago
WTF? my controller has never got sticky after 7 years...
saber00005  +   832d ago
Well, stop using the controller with your greasy fat fingers and wash your hands. Sony can't fix stupid.
Acquiescence  +   832d ago
Maybe if y'all stopped playing Dragon's Crown...
then your controllers wouldn't get sticky.
MisfitsInc  +   832d ago
wash your damn hands before you touch my controllers
Jodicus6645  +   832d ago
They mean the issue with the residue build up and can cause a sticky feel on the sticks. You need to do more research before writing these though. Sony in a interview about the controller already addressed they were aware and changed the material to help this problem.
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JLT-Sandwitch  +   832d ago
Never had a problem eith it getting sticky. Sweaty on the other hand lol don't see how they can change that
T2  +   832d ago
I have had problems with both controllers. DS3 I have two "COD controllers" where you hold L3 and up to run, those controllers are slightly stuck in the up position, so the character creeps forward slowly all the time....

Strangely it's my 360 controller, the left analog is completely melted on top and disfigured, and it was never near a heat source....
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JLT-Sandwitch  +   832d ago
I have a silver ps2 still but the silver controller that came with it the grip pads at the top of the sticks are completly gone just from years of use
Killabites  +   832d ago
The PS4 Mic will get sticky when the Xbox360 kids migrate to PSN nothing worse than kids swigging there Mountain Dew and burping, shouting,while listening to Dub step.
HolyDuck  +   832d ago
You really need to grow up, your comment clearly shows you're the child.

I've never seen anyone complain about the Xbox controller getting sticky so it must be Playstation users with the bad controller etiquette.
fsfsxii  +   832d ago
I'd really like to know how that "dsicussion" turned into a "fanboy controller waR"
MidnytRain  +   832d ago
LOl, #whysoserious
Daves  +   832d ago
I thought it was just me!

The controller I don't use is sat on a charging cradle and the sun, and the stick tops do indeed get sticky.

No probs tho, wipes off in seconds... got a tissue to hand haha.
Deep-throat  +   832d ago
it's because the weather is hot and high level of humidity here in the gulf countries (or at least most of them)
isarai  +   832d ago
I sweat a LOT when gaming most of the time, so much so my friends think there's something wrong with me. Still i have never had this "Slimy" analog stick problem with any of the dualshock controllers, and i've been playing playstations since PS1
GraveLord  +   832d ago
My controllers don't get sticky. I'm not a dirty person, I wash my hands often and I occasionally clean my controllers.
Codey47  +   832d ago
I don't know about sticky pads because it's not a problem I suffer with.

But you guys must be excreting UHU from your palm and thumb pores instead of perspiration.
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KillrateOmega  +   832d ago
Well, to be fair, when you're THAT sexy, things have a tendency to get to sticky...
_FantasmA_  +   832d ago
Stop eating while you play, problem solved. I've had 3 Dualshocks and I wash my hands before I play if I feel they are sweaty or sticky. Either that or your playing with yourself too much before you play with yourself.
never had that problem with my controllers. the only problems i have is the analog stick chipping away at the edges or the rubber material fadding down to the hard plastic bone but thats just from using it alot. hopefully DS4 can take more of that wear and tear damage.
Kanako  +   832d ago
I never had an issue with stickiness, until my 3 year old nephew was messing around with my controller one day. Don't know what he did, but best way to make it not sticky is sprinkle some baby powder and then rub it in. Gets rid of all the stickiness.
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IceKoldKilla  +   832d ago
This was already mentioned by Sony and it won't be a problem. I don't remember who said it but someone from PlayStation.
JokerElite  +   832d ago
Why are people acting like this isn't an issue? Or acting like it's caused by dirty hands? It's not.

The reason why most don't notice it, is because it isn't noticeable on a controller that's used often. It doesn't happen on a newer controller either.

If you have a controller that has a moderate amount of usage on it and if it has been sitting, chances are the analog sticks will get sticky regardless of the climate you live in.
IceKoldKilla  +   832d ago
I'm a clean person too guys but this happens to me when I leave a controller unused for a while. First happened with my Sixaxis that came with my 60GB. Just recently I took out an old DualShock 3 controller from 2008 and it had this. Just wiped it off but yeah, I know of this issue. Like I said, it was addressed in some video by someone from PS. Can't remember who but yeah it's confirmed to be fixed.
Smoey  +   832d ago
It has never got sticky in England.
e-p-ayeaH  +   832d ago
oh yeah that happened alot with Dual Shock 2 but that´s gone now.
leogets  +   832d ago
its because you dirty jipos don't wash ya hands after eating ya idiots.. Jesus work it out ya filthy dirt balls.
SynestheticRoar  +   832d ago
Their so nasty.
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