CVG Sources: Microsoft to reveal 'major game' comes free with Xbox One

New third-party deal primed for Gamescom announcement

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iamnsuperman1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

So FIFA 14 then. A lot of people in Europe like FIFA (big)

Timesplitter141460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I'm guessing more like Killer Instinct. I think there was a rumor saying it would be F2P

They also mention this :
"This major game, the source said, is the "unique Xbox One exclusive" deal that Microsoft executive Phil Spencer said was being saved for a Gamescom announcement."

Not sure if they're saying the game is exclusive or the deal is exclusive, though.

Edit: nevermind, KI isn't third-party

stage881460d ago

Even if its FIFA the average person will still work out that they can buy a PS4 and FIFA for a cheaper price than the Xbox and a free FIFA.

I don't see how MS think this is a good plan.

UltimateMaster1460d ago

Article says the Ps4 is priced at 499$, 100$ less than Xbox One, wtf?
Did someone just smoked a 100$ bill?

gaffyh1460d ago

KI already was confirmed as free to play. It must be as a new game from MS, can't be FIFA, would be too expensive for MS, think of FIFA as giving COD away for free.

Timesplitter141460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

yeah, I think if they reached an agreement to give the game for free, then the game must also benefit from this agreement. So I think it's gonna be a game that has a lot of paid downloadable content or something like that.

For instance, a game with DLC that planned on selling 500,000 units normally, would now be given freely to the 4,000,000 X1 launch window owners. And the DLC alone for the user-base that is now 8x larger would make this profitable. (I used random numbers here. I don't really now how many units consoles usually sell at launch)

slimpickens1460d ago

I don't understand why I would want a PS4 if I want an XB0 with the games and features I desire. I'm looking forward to this news and hopefully MS keeps on impressing after this complete change of character.

MWong1460d ago

Will probably be Dead Rising 3.

Timesplitter141460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

well let's see. Among the major third-party launch titles, we have :
- BF4
- AC4
- Just Dance 2014
- Lego marvel
- Watchdogs

If we eliminate the mature titles, we are left with FIFA, Just Dance, and Lego Marvel. Personally, I'm betting it's Just Dance since it'll make use of Kinect and it a family-friendly title whose popularity is not limited to European audiences. And it relies heavily on DLC. Perfect candidate right there

CRAIG6671460d ago

It's NOT killer instinct.

badchestpains1460d ago

Its great ms are giving fifa away fo4 no extra cost, but surely sony can just bundle fifa and then also claim they are giving DC universe online, planetside 2 and warframe away?


Xbox one, fifa and killer instinct = £429.00 + gold

Ps4, fifa, dc universe, warframe, planet side and drive club = £389.00 + ps plus?

Average mum walks into game and sees fifa on both boxes, but one has more games and a picture of batman and superman on and its cheaper?

still, good move by MS.

firelogic1460d ago

You're already paying $100 more vs a PS4. Including a game isn't a big deal, regardless of what that game is. The kinect isn't $100, as that was already revealed by MS execs. so if you get a ps4, a game, and the pseye, that covers $500 right there. same as an xb1, kinect, + free game.

nirwanda1460d ago

It won't be battlefield, COD, assassins creed, Deadrising, watchdog or ryse as they are not playable by all the family so unless they do multiple SKU it cant be any of those.

TheGrimReaper00111460d ago

Killer Instinct is confirmed to be F2P
However, you only get one character
The rest you have to buy for 5 - 10 dollars each
Prices are not confirmed, but there was a leak
They responded to this by saying
"Well usually, people only fight with 5 characters."
Price might change though

devwan1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

@Timesplitter14 "4,000,000 X1 launch window owners"

In microsoft's wildest dreams.

OT: It looks like it's FIFA14 from reports of stuff seen at EA's booth at Gamescom, but will the free game be a retail copy or a download for live members?

redwin1460d ago

It is customary for consoles to give away games that are equally accepted everywhere. It's cant be FIFA, it can't be Madden Football
, that leaves forza. That's what'll make cense but I wish it was COD. That'll be awesome .

tokugawa1460d ago

they should just include a code which lets you choose which launch title you want to download or walk out of the shop with.

that would please more than this is already pleasing me

xtremeimport1460d ago

definitely gonna be killer instinct.

user55757081460d ago

wasn't the free game for the areas of europe they pushed back the release date on?

FamilyGuy1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Maybe it's an unannounced game?

If not then I expect it's Just Dance, though that game probably sells too well. It's the only game I ever see people really using the Kinect for.

vigilante_man1460d ago

Desperate times require desperate measures!

The_Con-Sept1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

We already have two free games. Drive club ps+ edition and what ever amounts to 30 bux in ps store games.

Besides day by day the Xbox one is looking more like the GameCube... Only it is prematurely executing its final options.....

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Timesplitter141460d ago

a blight on a burgeoning urban landscape.

HammadTheBeast1460d ago

You guys are high if you think EA will just give away their highest selling franchise away with every console.

jackanderson19851460d ago

@hammad... depends if MS offered 300 mil that would cover the cost of Fifa sales (last years one) on the 360 and that's assuming a retail price of 50 euro a pop plus add ons of 10/15 euro a game... and EA gets what say 30/35 + the DLC euro out of it? this way they'd get the full price

if they offered enough money any company would take it and MS could see it as a justifiable expense seeing as they're (rumored) making $120 a console so if they sold 2.5 mil consoles they'd break even on that particular deal.

although i seriously doubt it is Fifa

AceBlazer131460d ago

if they can afford a contract to receive a free copy of fifa for eveyone youd think they would be able to knock a $100 off the launch consoles at least. highly doubt it's fifa probably some dlc riddled game

stuna11460d ago

If this true, doesn't this give credence to where and how Microsoft is spending the 1 billion dollars on games!? And if so what really has changed about Microsoft? Seem to me it's a repeat performance from this generation.

It really doesn't matter what game it is! Microsoft has probably dropped some exorbitant cash, but theres still no guarantee the fish are going to take the bait.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1460d ago

25 disagrees. LMAO... Some butthurt people out there.

The_HarryEtTubMan1460d ago

Midnighter, Chief Exec of the MDF. Why would you defend a crappy Xbox so much?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1459d ago

The Harry, one of the many sheep of SAD.. the Sony Attack Dogs....

Why can't you just admit that I was right? I have 29 disagrees that I called it right.. it was FIFA... and you completely go off topic with your fun hit on me and don't even mention the topic at hand.

The pack in game was FIFA... JUST LIKE I SAID.

Take your crow and share with the rest of your buddies. :)

XboxFun1458d ago

You know Midnight, you should just get a bubble just on calling it correctly.

Of course on this site that will never happen, even though it was true.

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trywizardo1460d ago

really ?! they said an exclusive that never been shown and hidden tell gamescon , and then comes the smartest guy in industry and said FIFA14
good point idiot good point

C-Thunder1460d ago

Just because they said exclusive, doesn't mean they are referring to the game. Could be the exclusive bundle they were talking about.