Have an Early Look at the Booths from Gamescom: PlayStation, Square Enix, Quantic Dream and More

Gamescom 2013 is going to kick off on Wednesday, with tomorrow as a “day zero” that will include the Sony’s, Microsoft’s and Electronic Arts’ press conferences, and many developers and publishers are already spreading the love via social networks by posting pictures and clips of their booths.

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user74029311651d ago

hmm... looks like they may show more driveclub, look at the green/white ride.

Abriael1651d ago

That's sweet one, and yeah, Drive Club is gonna be a major one for playstation, in Europe car games are all the rage after all.

user74029311651d ago

and since its a launch title i can see this franchise growing and establishing a fanbase early which is good for a new ip.

FITgamer1651d ago

Mercedes SLS sick car. Wish i had $200,000 to blow.

FITgamer1650d ago

Depends on the model $200,000 for base model at least where i live it is.

nades_all_night1651d ago

I have a feeling GC is going to be just as good as E3 for Sony.

WeAreLegion1651d ago

Can't wait to see how Driveclub has advanced. :)

nades_all_night1651d ago

I agree. I was happy Driveclub was announced, but really didn't care all that much at first. But after finding out more about the game and peeping those sexy whips, I'm left wanting more!

WeAreLegion1651d ago

Me, too. Having each turn and curve in the game as a separate challenge within each race is brilliant. It gives racing that RPG-like feel we've wanted for a long time. This should do for online racing what Battlefield 2 did for online multi-player. (Before COD4 popularized it)

Abriael1651d ago

yeah, can't wait to try it at Gamescom, even if I normally like simulators more, this seems really well done.

ZBlacktt1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Is that a PS3 Slim with a DS4 controller?

I'd like to see Ubisofts set up. Since they have 3 epic titles coming out... AC4 BF, Watch Dogs and The Division.

Abriael1651d ago

That looks like a DS3 with a reflex on the front to me

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