How sexy is the Xbox One? An OXM Breakdown special report

The latest OXM Breakdown is an unflinching, unstinting and very unsavoury investigation of Xbox One's raunch factor.

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cleft51794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

This is so sad. It would be pathetic if anyone officially affiliated with Sony or Nintendo did something like this too. Thank goodness they have class and aren't desperate.

I get the joke, it's just so unnecessary.

malokevi1794d ago

Oh get a sense of humor. When Sony did all of those low-ball "this is how you share games" videos, you were probably all over it in hysterics. And that was the CEO's and lead designers. This is Official Xbox Magazine. As much involved with the development/promotion of Xbox One as a piece of provolone cheese.

The hypocrisy is SICKENING! *hurls chunks*

1794d ago
UltimateMaster1794d ago

IT's the Xbox Tits!
Youtube it.

malokevi1794d ago

ahaha that was genuinely hilarious.

My favorite part was "adventurous gamers will plug the Xbox One into itself"...

ahahaha, this guys a freak.

jah-Fu1794d ago

Its tricky but it can be done. Bend it like beckham

FamilyGuy1793d ago

I LMMFAO at the 1:45 or so mark!

It was pretty funny.

ABeastNamedTariq1794d ago

Holy hell that was creepy. He undressed the Xbox with his eyes. 0_o

I think it looks nice, but it is a behemoth. Not OG Xbox behemoth, but big nonetheless. Yeah, I know why, and it's not THAT bad, but still. Good grief. It looks like a slightly futuristic VHS player. Lol

negative1794d ago

That thing is going to look sexy as hell on my component shelf. BAM!

iamnsuperman1794d ago

Okay, I am officially weirded out and I thought that was never going to happen

quaneylfc1794d ago

its about as sexy as susan boyle, naked and sitting on a bike with no seat.

devwan1794d ago

pics or it didn't happen.

Convas1794d ago

Viewing such a photo would lead to permanent and irreversible brain damage, sight loss, and ultimately, death.

Mikelarry1794d ago

you just had to go there.

JBSleek1794d ago

Looks nice. Pretty big but not an issue because it's not like it will move from one spot.

mcstorm1794d ago

I prefer the Xbox one look over the ps4 but its each to there own taste. Found the video funny though and nice to see someone not being to serious about the next gen consoles for once.

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The story is too old to be commented.