Gamer Chatter Podcast - Episode 31: Let's Do This

This week Ed, Tim & Amy start another awesome show by almost screwing things up, but we get back on track to discuss Xbox One delayed in several countries, Kinect is NOT needed and other news. They also discuss what is released this week. Updates to PAYDAY2, Amy has codes for game giveaways and Ed tries to giveaway a beta code, but goes direct to Facebook for it instead. Amy almost checks out, due to lack of sleep. Also, they discuss a new Kickstarter game - Project Pheonix, What They Are Playing, Best Gaming Moment of the Week and of course their Community Question. Also, pay attention as they have homework for the listeners because there will be a one week break between podcasts as Ed brings up an important topic in this generations games. This is going to be a fun one...ENJOY!!!

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