Microsoft Gamescom Predictions

OnlySP: Gamescom is starting soon, so we thought we’d let you know what we’re predicting the two big name console makers – Microsoft and Sony – will bring to the conference. This article will consider the possibilities for Microsoft’s offerings.

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ghoh11612d ago

they have made it closed event because their is not much interesting stuff to announce to begin with.

devwan1612d ago

Probably more to make sure they control the output more at this sensitive time.

WeAreLegion1612d ago

Don't let anyone who works for them talk to the press. Especially Major Nelson.

You're probably right. If I were them, I'd be controlling everything.

thrust1612d ago

Link to that information please?

ghoh11612d ago

duckduckgo it next time


this is just one source, there is plenty and its been confirmed

thrust1612d ago

Not that, I wanna see where ms says it is because they have nothin to show!

ghoh11612d ago

yeah like they are going to say that, that's the only reason they wouldn't have a public event

Ripsta7th1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )