Fanatical Five | Reasons to Keep your Current Consoles

This week, gamers are expecting to find out a solid release date for the PS4, and maybe the Xbox One as well… so what will you do with your current console, sitting there, just waiting to be replaced by the newest, shiniest thing? The TGF staff got together to give you these Fanatical Five reasons you should hang onto your PS3 or Xbox 360.

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fpshooter21763d ago

Some good points but im already aboard the ps4 train with no plans of jumping off.

Blacksand11763d ago

It beat, being on that X1 train to hell. lol!!!!!!!!!!

Retroman1763d ago

I have no reason to jump aboard ps4 train at the moment while ps3 still supported.

user74029311763d ago

gta 5 and dark souls 2 and beyond

Mikelarry1763d ago

im keeping all the consoles i currently own this gen as with next gen dropping BC there are some games i like to go back to now and then. if and when sony shows how the gaikai service will support this gen games on next gen i may change my mind

Excited2play1763d ago

It's funny because most people don't realize how much they love a certain game until they can't play it any more.

I'll be keeping my consoles and games thank you very much.

thrust1763d ago

To late, all consoles trade in for next gen.

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