New Battlefield 4 map leaked, features a tropical island setting?

EA might have unintentionally leaked the new Battlefield 4 map on the official Facebook page, where it shows a new map with a tropical island setting.

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user74029311520d ago

do those islands have dinosaurs? yoshis island maybe?

-Superman-1519d ago

There gotta be Wake Island map too !!!!

UnholyLight1519d ago


Love that map

MrMister1519d ago

The game is coming out in about 3 months or so, and their only now leaking/showing more maps? We want to see more.

SolidStoner1519d ago

I just hope for some maps that Battlefield Vietnam Had.. Jungle setting was so much fun, those choppers and boats, insane mountains and terrains.. Nature is the best spot for war... all these modern city based shooters are getting overplayed for me..

THEDON82z11519d ago

Hell yeah,I second that....I am so tired of urban warfare...I want jungles and hills and creeks, ect!!! That shit is were its at... you can put a few buildings here and there...but give some real-time hard core jungle fighting!!!

ShugaCane1520d ago


Yeah, right lol

dazzrazz1519d ago

This is Guadalcanal, or at least it looks like it :>

Harmonizer1519d ago

It most certainly does look more like guadalcanal (with some additions) rather than wake island.

n4rc1519d ago

wake island or a variation on it?

nades_all_night1519d ago

I think so too. It looks very similar to the wake island DICE has created before, especially with the 3 objective points and their layout. It does look a little different with the Island seemingly looking more closed off instead of a horseshoe shape though. Who knows?! Either way we'll find out soon enough! Cant wait.

DeadlyFire1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Most likely Wake Island + A massive earthquake. Island splits! Tsunami! Well if I were a really hopeful person that is what I would expect.

Could be Guadalcanal from 1942/1943 as well though. Ok it is Guadalcanal.

I predict a hurricane for choppy waves and chaotic battles in the weather elements.

WeAreLegion1519d ago

I want my good old Wake Island back!

n4rc1519d ago

i agree.. its a must!

user74029311519d ago

wake island is awesome for sniping

DeadlyFire1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

This looks like Guadalcanal map like in 1942/1943 with small modifications. Talk of submarines, shifting waves, and such. It makes it a great map to toy with for that stuff.

Compare it to this.

Wake could still be there as well. Wake Island is like the birth map of Battlefield. It must be around somewhere.

WeAreLegion1519d ago

You're right. It's probably more like Guadalcanal. I love that map, too. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.