70 percent of PlayStation Vita owners want better/more games, PSU poll reveals

PlayStation Universe asks Vita owners about the one thing they'd improve about Vita.

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Stuart57561678d ago

Yeah, if I'd have had 1st comment i was going with a...

Well duhhh.

user74029311678d ago

come with me if you want to live

gaffyh1678d ago

Surely this should be the case for 100% of gamers on all platforms? Nobody wants worse and less games ever.

raWfodog1678d ago

@ gaffyh

I was gonna say the same the same thing. Who doesn't want better/more games?

UltimateMaster1678d ago

People are saying the 3DS is fin because it's selling a lot, but none of them are appealing to any gamer over the age of 15. IMO.
Vita has a lot of potential, but it needs more great games.
It also need less expensive Memory Cards, a price cut and more buyers.

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3-4-51677d ago


* Vita HAS games.

* The games Vita has, are either not that good, or are kind of niche so they only appeal to people who like certain games.

* Some of these Niche games, with a few minor tweaks, could have appealed to a lot more people, thus increasing sales

* More RPG's, More FPS games, more 3D platformers will sell more Vita consoles.

jcnba281678d ago

And the other 30% are delusional.

bothebo1678d ago

INDIE GAMES WILL SAVE THE WORLD. That's what you're talking about right?

GdaTyler1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )


I hope that was sarcasm. I really hope so. I have my reasons. I can't see the Vita succeeding if only $5 - $15 indie games are developed for it. Yes some indies may be a hit but relying on them alone and not new IP's and AAA titles is dumb.

bothebo1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

No I totally agree with you. People need to shut up about an Indie oriented library for the Vita because it adds little to no content for the system.

GdaTyler1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )


Delusional is an understatement. Brain dead is more like it.

MrMister1678d ago

Same could be said of the Wii U owners who are content with it's lack of 3rd party support.

Jreca1678d ago

Please, who doesn't want more/better games for ANY console?

GdaTyler1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

You know how many studios Sony has? In my opinion they're doing a pretty shitty job at supporting the Vita with AAA games. I REALLY hope that in those 85 titles they promised, 80 of them aren't indies or ports. If so, I'm worried.

LordMaim1678d ago

What Vita owner voted for crappier/less games?!

lpsquall1678d ago

I'm fine with indie games on the vita but this device is capable of high quality games. I hope we continue to see a good mix of content and not just indie games.

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