Xbox One pre-orders no longer guaranteed for Day One edition

Microsoft are no longer guaranteeing Day One editions of the Xbox One for new pre-orders


AMAZON UK are no longer offering the Day One edition either; we've updated our post with this information.

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Septic1767d ago

It's no biggie if you miss out on the Day One edition. I have it pre-ordered but its just a novelty really.

CustardTrout1767d ago

Me too, but I'm a sucker for novelties

UltimateMaster1767d ago

The PS4 wasn't guaranteed after 2 weeks of it's market pre-launch.

LaChance1767d ago

"The PS4 wasn't guaranteed after 2 weeks of it's market pre-launch."

Now this guys is a straight out lie. Phony, bogus, fugazie, whatever. I wont bother asking you for a link because you cant provide something that doesnt exist.

Funny to see how good Xbox news get the Sony fanboys itching all over the place :)

FlameHawk1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )


August 7, but only in UK, I think this is what he is talking about.
And I'm pretty sure PS4 is shipping more consoles than Xbox One.

EDIT: This article is also talking about UK.

trywizardo1767d ago

@ultimatemaster really no one said anything about playshit4 and yet here you're talking about it ... GET A LIFE SUCKER

mikeslemonade1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

@ LaChance

All you can do is keep denying.. I pre-ordered the PS4 the next day after E3 and I wasn't able to get the day-1 edition until they resent me an email saying that I will get one.

So there was already supply issues on the first day for PS4. The demand for PS4 is impressive while the demand for X1 is lackluster. It took y'all this long for it to sellout..

UltimateMaster1767d ago

Just stating the obvious. ;)
Look at amazon around the world, show me one place the Xbox One is in the lead, I'll wait...

UltimateMaster1767d ago

Make that 1 weeks after E3, the launch edition of the PS4 wasn't available for pre-orders on

The_Con-Sept1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

This is a marketing catastrophe. What about the people who already pre ordered a day 1 edition? I feel sad for them.

I guess taking off kinect as a requirement must've caused this.

Seriously there is an achievement only unlockable on day one for the Xbox. And you know how much they care about achievements right?

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1767d ago
Twilightx71767d ago

N4G, using the Disagree button as a Dislike button since at least 2007. Have an "upvote".

testsubject1767d ago

Congrats, hope you enjoy it :)

titletownrelo1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Are people really down-voting you just because you're getting a different product than they are? So childish.

KonsoruMasuta1767d ago

So, are we not allowed to use the disagree? The whole point of the disagree button is to express that you... disagree (crazy, I know it).

Obviously those people don't like what he said.

shivvy241767d ago

Let me test.
I preordered a PS4 ( really did )
Let it begin !

titletownrelo1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Very true.

However, why would you disagree in the first place? Why would you even care what some RANDOM person on the internet is doing with THEIR money?

towelie12881767d ago

some really childish people here lol mostly sony little kids lol

WeAreLegion1767d ago

I think they're disagreeing because you don't have your day one X1.

It's not out yet.

SuperLupe1767d ago

No dude, you know they're disagreeing because they are butturt Sony fanboys. Thats why.

WeAreLegion1767d ago

Fully aware.

I just thought I'd throw a joke out there...

HonestDragon1767d ago


Yes because that is the only reason why people would disagree with someone getting an Xbox One. They must be Sony fanboys! /s

It has nothing to do with how people felt and continue to feel with all of the unpopular original policies Microsoft had for the Xbox One. The least of which included DRM, check-ins every 24 hours, mandatory Kinect, lack of support for indie games and used games, and price point. Microsoft personnel's conflicting interviews and arrogant statements didn't help much either.

Despite all of that, Microsoft ended those original policies, but people aren't wrong for still feeling sore about them. Microsoft still have a long way to go to regain their consumers. That is without question.

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Mystogan1767d ago

I'm not getting the Day-one edition because I don't like the text on the controller...

ABeastNamedTariq1767d ago

I'm not either, and I don't either, but...I feel like I'm missing something if I don't have it. I don't know how to explain it. I'll get over it though. The prices for it on eBay would probably be like $100.

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