Might and Magic X Legacy gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Magic and Might X gets a New Gameplay Trailer

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cunnilumpkin1672d ago

this game looks beyond epic, might have to pre purchase for the early access on steam

love these type of games

legend of grimrock was a great tribute, but this looks to be the real deal!

MrTrololo1672d ago

These type of game might look awesome in the 90s but in this century i doubt a lot of people give a crap about these type of game

Bolts1672d ago

Wrong. Old school CRPGs are making a huge comeback, so much so that Kickstarter projects like Wasteland were grossly overfunded. People were literally throwing their money at the devs begging them to take it.

There's a game just like this already, it's called Grimlock. It did well enough to fund a sequel.