The Geek Link Episode 76: New Things Everywhere

The Geek Link writes - Episode 76, as you may have noticed from the title, is all about new things. First up is Eminem’s new single was shown during the Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal event. This is the first song he has released in the last few years. Next up is that Capcom may have learned from it’s mistakes on Resident Evil 6 and will change them for the next game in the series. That is a tall list of things to fix, but we will wait and see. Ubisoft may have let slip the title of the new IP that they are announcing at Gamescom. But this really doesn’t change the fact that we know nothing about the game. Smikey has been doing a lot of comic reading lately, and he has a series you have to check out. Xalaga found a list of countries that the Xbox One will be releasing in, and it isn’t quite up to what we were promised. Sony has signed a deal with Viacom to bring cable channels to Sony devices. What does this mean? “PTV, PTV, PTV!” The Geek Link Kickstarter of the Week is a musical one, Permanence.

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