5 Petty Things I Hate About Skyrim

GeeksPodcast's Josh whines about 5 minor nuances that detract from the console version of the Skyrim experience!

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NYC_Gamer1796d ago

1)no real story
2)chunky combat

Steven211796d ago

I think it was a good fit in the whole realm of elder scrolls. The main reason I played it as long as I did is because I liked linking all the stories together from previous games. The one thing I did not like was the dynamic BS missions that added nothing to the game. Could have had a better story but overall I was very happy with the entries story

pandehz1796d ago


I wonder what your references are

GarrusVakarian1796d ago

While i do think the story could have been a little better, id say the amazing, detailed world and 100's of locations to explore more than make up for that.

ATi_Elite1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Item weight adds to the realism of the game.

I love Item weight so that you are forced to think about your load-out and not just carry around 100000 items.

STALKER does this very very well then again STALKER is just so DAM GOOD and it was nice to see SKyrim try to copy that.

Buy the PC version, install some mods and enjoy the Skyrim at it's VERY VERY BEST!

1. Better interactive map
2. mismatch armor
3. What are Load times says my SSD
4. Drunk and Happy NPC
5. better weight system and Hunger!

modesign1796d ago

1. its broken
2. its broken
3. its broken
4. lags
5. freezes and crashes.

levian1796d ago

As with all Bethesda games. I'm replaying Fallout 3 and New Vegas and my god, the amount of times they have crashed..

My friend is playing New Vegas on the PS3, and after downloading the newest DLC it broke his game, had to delete all DLC three times and only install certain ones in a specific order to get the game playable.

Come on Bethesda. You make some great games, but get it together.

Conquerbeard1796d ago

As wide as an ocean - as deep as a puddle.

pandehz1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Very very very true.

It awes you with all the possibilities and plop u can only go ankle deep in it.

Everything about it is such.

1) Combat- well we all know
2) Travel systems could be better than that odd horse and semi-slow running
3) Loot (dont get me started, i wore the same armor from lvl 7 to 31 when i finished the campaign and played loads of side quests) Besides stale cheese and mammoth tusk there is no proper loot progression.
4) Immersion- well almost similar to oblivion. Graphics immersion is decent so was Oblivion. NPC's are still half static and still say 'arrow to the knee kinda things just like oblivion' Some minor improvements but again very shallow.
5)Can never take stories seriously as the feel of it is off. Something about the odd animation to odd things said to random npcs behaving like dolls, no story aspect whether campaign or side can be taken seriously.

I mean I had to seriously try and roleplay that the greybeards were serious. They just walked funny lmfao.

Also NPC's turned their heads like the child from the exorcist. Very mechanical feeling everything.

Still overall a decent game.