'Watch Dogs' allows mobile players to hack each other 'regardless of platform'

Watch Dogs has many unique, intriguing aspects to it and one of them is without a doubt its multiplayer. We were able to find out more about the multiplayer and how players will be able to battle against each other through their mobile devices.

In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Jonathan Morin, who is the creative director of Watch Dogs, was describing the new multiplayer in Watch Dogs and surprisingly revealed that players will be able to hack into each other's games regardless of the mobile platforms they are on.

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logan_izer101706d ago

For a second I thought they were talking about 360/Xbone/Ps3/Ps4

RuleNumber51706d ago

Yeah no that's why we placed the "Mobile" part in the headline. May have an answer about consoles soon though.

Septic1706d ago

Yeah it got me excited. Xbox users trolling Sony users and vice versa lol. That would be a sight to behold...or not.

3-4-51706d ago

@ crock, but then you added to the confusion with " regardless of platform".

Nice try.

By saying that, your implying more than one platform, hence the confusion.

Poor title really. Article is alright though.

N81706d ago

Haha could you imagine cross platform. PS and xb players hacking each others games.

Gster1706d ago

Now that's Modern Warfare!! :D

jay21706d ago

All versions would be good!

THC CELL1706d ago

Ps version extra hour for me. Also they been a cross platform mp game.

unluckynumber111706d ago

I'm liking this kind of gameplay mechanic, almost like the air strikes and what not in Dead Rising 3.

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