Xbox One and PS4 'allow us to take steps we've never done before,' says Matthies

Xbox One and PS4 will surely open up new, exciting oppportunities for developers, and it looks like the two systems will be able to allow developers to do things they've never done before.

In an exclusive interview with, Jens Matthies, who is the creative director at MachineGames, talked about his experiences on the Xbox One and PS4 thus far, as well as some of the potential that developers will be able to find in the new systems.

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hankmoody1651d ago

Sounds awesome. Hope this next gen really brings out the creativity from these studios.

hankmoody1651d ago

It's not like the Wii U doesn't have a couple of good games to offer. I just think Nintendo needs to get with the times. They're basically still doing the same stuff that they were when the NES dropped. Stubbornness in business can only get you so far.

ABeastNamedTariq1651d ago

I'm glad. I want better graphics, physics, AI, bigger worlds etc. And not just bigger worlds, I want dense worlds. Full of interesting things to do. I can only imagine a next gen Fallout or ES..hopefully they won't run like a potato at launch (on all platforms).

Septic1651d ago

"Obviously it's going to look better, but you don't want to change the gameplay experience for the current-gen players.So I would say the gameplay is going to fundamentally feel the same, but the fidelity will be a lot different on the next-generation consoles"

You see, this is why I don't like the idea cross-gen games. They really do prevent developers from making full use of next-gen tech. These so-called steps just manifest themselves in better visuals and that simply isn't enough.

Next-gen games need to be accompanied with greater strides in areas such as:

* Artificial Intelligence- grossly over-looked in this industry as a whole

* Physics- Cross-gen games won't let developers fully explore more destruction because of the disparity in gameplay between restrictive current-gen games and next-gen games. I still wonder how the collapsing building in the Siege of Shanghai map on BF4 on current-gen consoles will look like (assuming the building can even be destroyed).

* Scale- Games like Dead Rising 3 and the Crew are simply not possible with current gen consoles. So I'm really disappointed that games like Destiny and Dying Light, for instance, are cross-gen games. Cross-gen games will inevitably hold back next-gen games.

Developers should go all-in when it comes to next-gen. The current generation has lasted quite some time.

Salooh1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Completely agree with you . I have been saying this ( well , in a sort of worst words then you XD ) but i don't see people care about it. Great to see some people acknowledge it right now though ^^ .

Sevir1651d ago

The Crew is also on PS3 and Xbox 360... And I totally agree with you, Cross generation games will be anchored to Current baselines until the developer feels the install base is great enough to really invest in Next Gen Hardware exclusively...

I'm excited for the Division, Mirrors Edge 2, FF15, KH3. Those are built for Next Gen platforms, I think well into 2015 we'll get Cross Gen titles, but 2016 we'll see Devs embrace and push PS4 and Xbox One exclusively and in those years that follow will Multiplatform Next Gen Games will really impress us!

Ofcourse I'm looking forward to PS4 exclusives as well.

Holeran1651d ago

Couldn't agree more other than if the developers take each console as a separate the cross-gen problems can still be solved. Will the developers take each console as a separate? Probably not unfortunately.

abzdine1651d ago

i partially agree, some developers are capable of delivering next gen like experiences on current gen already.
It's not about next gen power and all crap, it's about creativity. Games like Ocarina Of Time or Tomb Raider back in the 90's have invented some features which are still being implemented into today's games.

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Mikelarry1651d ago

i am glad the next gen consoles will give developers all the tools they need,hopefully all of them can make the most of these new features and produce some amazing games and not shovleware like aliens

Imonaboat11651d ago

Poor wii u not being treated as a next gen console, because its not