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Submitted by Forceh91 900d ago | news

Heavy Rain has now sold more than 3 million units worldwide

Heavy Rain has now passed the 3 million units sold mark. (Heavy Rain , PS3)

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ShugaCane  +   900d ago
Deserved. One of the most heartbreaking and thrilling experience this gen.
Abash  +   900d ago | Well said
Hope it reaches 4 million at some point and that Beyond is just as successful
minimur12  +   900d ago
I'm quite surprised it's just that...
Tetsujin  +   900d ago
I'm part of that 3+ million crowd.
N2NOther  +   900d ago
Me too, day one.
FamilyGuy  +   900d ago
I'm expecting this to show up on PS+ some time in the near future.
The_Villager  +   900d ago
I didn't enjoy it at all. Don't understand why people like these kind of games when there is pretty much zero gameplay invovled. QTE's don't count.

@ShugaCane I agree with your first sentence but not the rest.
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ShugaCane  +   900d ago
There's not much more gameplay in shooters were the only thing you have to do is move/shoot/move/shoot/watchAcu tscene/move/shoot. Heavy Rain's story is engaging, there are not many video games were you actually care about the characters, and where the choices you make matter. Journey for instance doesn't let you do many things, gameplay-wise, and yet it's a tremendous game.
despair  +   900d ago
Choice and story, it did not hide what it was, but you are fully entitled to hate it, I know a couple persons who also didn't like it but for the most part its a well received game.
Legion21  +   900d ago
Anyone who dislikes this had clearly never played it. Easily worth the $20 you can get it at.
RedHawkX  +   900d ago
yeah dude my heart was racing tons of times in this game and i connected with some of the characters to and didnt want them to die. cant wait for beyond 2 souls to come out that will be a good one as well. cant believe there were xbox haters hateing on this game lol.
TheLyonKing  +   900d ago
I did shit myself at the Madison dream scene with the burglars haha was so tense to get to the door!
MasterCornholio  +   900d ago
Not bad for an extremely Niche title.
dcj0524  +   900d ago
Some plot holes ( car hits father, kid dies. Wut?) But overall the multiple storylines and possibilities are awesome.Also:JAAAAAAAASSOOOOOO ON
Timesplitter14  +   900d ago
I don't think you understand what a plot hole is
GribbleGrunger  +   900d ago
That's not a plot hole, that's you misinterpreting a cut scene.

Or did you mean pot hole?

"Some pot holes ( car hits father, kid dies. Wut?)"
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dcj0524  +   900d ago
I over generalized leave me alone /:. Yeah I must've misinterperned it. Could you explain?
GribbleGrunger  +   900d ago
He tried to save his son. Got run over himself too after diving in front of the car to grab his son. He failed to save his son. :)

Watch from the 16 minute mark:
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Dagobert  +   900d ago
Cocain is a hell of a drug.
minimur12  +   900d ago
triptocain is worse!
JunioRS101  +   900d ago
Glad to hear it.

I only got to play the demo, but even that had me hooked because I played through it multiple times.
TheEnigma313  +   900d ago
You need to pick this game up. You can get it fairly cheap now.
JunioRS101  +   900d ago
I sold my ps3 last year because I'm an idiot so now I'm just SOL for Rain AND TLOU :(
CaptainPunch  +   900d ago
Been wanting to play this game forever, just kept putting this game aside. Probably going to pick it up before Beyond: Two Souls.
DEEBO  +   900d ago
one of the best games this generation.congratulations david cage&sony computer entertainment.i remember on this site some disturbed individuals tried to ruined the ending of this games.sad sad people.
FullMetalTech  +   900d ago
Great game. Love the mutiple path endings. Still have it and never finished all the endings.
bjmartynhak  +   900d ago
Really deserved!
pyramidshead  +   900d ago
Definitely, can't wait for their PS4 ventures.
Bigpappy  +   900d ago
This is not that impressive for a game that is over 2 years old. That is a very small part of the user base. Just as a reference: with only 12M Kinects sold, the first Kinect Sports and Dance Central sold over 3 Million each. Yet it is said here that no one bought games for Kinect. Just reminding you of the hypocrisy.
Bathyj  +   900d ago
And Big Macs sell more than caviar. Whats your point?

Youre just ants at a picnic arent you?
theWB27  +   900d ago
Hey now Bigpappy let them have their party.(j/k) It released Feb 10 2010...3 years 6 months ago. About a million a year.

This is exactly what I mean when they boast about all of the amazing exclusives yet they don't support them...even ones as highly acclaimed as this (though it was a chore to play).

What's crazy is Fable 3 released in October of the same year and has sold almost 5 million.


Terrible can get Big Macs any and everywhere. Caviar isn't as readily available and it's more expensive than a Big Mac.

Heavy Rain costs as much as any other AAA, was sold everywhere games are sold and this is where it stands.
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sparta76  +   900d ago
@ thewb27
Ok troll, you got to account the install base at the time.
Is a new ip.
Btw how did Alan wake do?
mac_sparrow  +   900d ago
I agree, that is crazy considering Fable 3 brought relatively little new to the table in terms of gaming as a whole or even the franchise itself.

OT: Recently lent Heavy Rain to a friend, she started playing it and got so caught up in it she finished it within 2 days, perils of working from home I guess.
Bathyj  +   900d ago
I was more comparing the respective qualities and target audiences of the games, not the price or availability.

And bringing sales of a motion controlled exercise simulator my mum would buy (didn't they GIVE those away with Kinect, I may be wrong) into it to prove superiority over an emotionally engaging, adult focused, niche title just reinforces my belief I'm right to dismiss his opinion.

No your first instinct is often the correct one.
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theWB27  +   900d ago
Account what install base? It was three years ago...Gran Turismo released in November of the same year and has sold 10 million copies.

God of War 3 released in March of the same year and has sold as many as Fable 3, 5 million. Alan Wake released in May of the same year and has sold 1 million copies.

Was Alan Wake on the same pedestal as Heavy Rain? I don't think it was. I like how you picked that for an example though. I'm pointing out how much support one of Sony's biggest games ain't much considering how much chest thumping is done about exclusives.

Last one..I promise...Killzone 2 and 3, ya know Sony's premiere shooter, has sold 5 million collectively this whole gen. Halo 4 has sold nearly 9 million so far. AND IT RELEASED LAST YEAR!!!!

I don't usually do this...but I did.
trouble_bubble  +   900d ago
@bigpappy, WB27, The_Villager
Who doesn't support what now? At 3 million, Heavy Rain has outsold console exclusives such as:

Mass Effect 1 -exclusive for years-
Dead Rising 1
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Metro 2033
Splinter Cell Conviction
Forza Horizon
Gears of War Judgment
Halo Wars
Halo Anniversary
Saints Row 1
Ace Combat 6
The Witcher 2
Call of Duty 2

Google it. Then repent.

"Was Alan Wake on the same pedestal as Heavy Rain? I don't think it was."

Of course it was. Max Payne's Remedy as a developer, years 'n years in the making, E3 hype, it was all there. And what does Halo vs Killzone have to do with Heavy Rain? Like really.
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sparta76  +   900d ago
I was referring the fact that you mention fable 3 got released around the same time. And yes Alan wake was held on the same pedestal as heavy rain.
Remember all those game of the year comments!? Alan wake is the best looking game ever!!!! Remember that!? I like how you try to compare sells of gt and god of war to a new ip. Good job! You complain about Sony fan talking SH!t but look at you.
theWB27  +   900d ago

You know what makes that list funny? People claim Xbox has no exclusives and you named some good ones and they didn't sell more than Heavy Rain...yet even with that list and knowing Sony has released alot more exclusives this gen Xbox exclusives have still outsold Sony exclusives by more than 20 million this gen.

But it's cool muchacho...ya got me with that list.

But it's still crazy Fable 3 sold as many as God of War 3. One of, if not Sony's biggest IP didn't outsell lil ol Fable 3.

What did Killzone and Halo have to do with it? He brought up Alan Wake like it was a flagship I brought up two series that were flagship titles for each system and compared how they sell.


I mentioned GT and God of War cause you wanted to take into account the install base at the stating those two games that have sold more in the same timeframe kinda shows that has nothing to do with the outcome of how much Heavy Rain has sold.

I don't complain about anyone talking crap...couldn't care less. I do talk about how personally people take their Sony love...which is hilarious.
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trouble_bubble  +   900d ago
Fable's a big franchise, part 2 + 3 both passed 4 million. People forget that I think in part due to recent one-offs like Fable: The Journey which is estimated at 170,000 copies. The inevitable Fable 4 on XB1 should do much, much better.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   900d ago
@TheWB27 "Xbox exclusives have still outsold Sony exclusives by more than 20 million this gen."
Hicken  +   900d ago
Trolling again, WB?

Fable 3 got bundled with 360s, did it not? Can't say I recall a PS3 bundle with Heavy Rain included. Can you?

Oh, and then there's the brand recognition: fan-favorite Fable versus a new IP. I can recall even my primarily PS3 friends looking forward to Fable 3 since they'd had so much fun with Fable 2... only to be disappointed, by and large, though being known as the chicken kicker was funny. Meanwhile, not too many people knew of Indigo Prophecy, and Heavy Rain didn't have nearly the same level of public knowledge.

Same with GT: it's got a huge fanbase of people carrying over from the last entry. It makes PERFECT sense to compare the two. Hell, if you wanna put it that way, why isn't Fable at 10 million like GT?

Man, I swear, you Xbox fanboys will take completely unrelated facts and try and make some sort of reality out of it. It's all a delusion, and the worst part is that you LET Microsoft brainwash you, then knowingly maintain it on your own.

It's pretty damn sad.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   900d ago
Lost respect for you and bigpappy now.

3 million is 3 million regardless of how long it takes. Heavy Rain wasn't even expected to sell as much as it has so I don't know what you are talking about in regards to it being on a high pedestal.

You two seriously come off as trolling.
The_Villager  +   900d ago
That's what I was thinking as well. 3 million over 3 years isn't very impressive.
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solidjun5  +   900d ago
What are you on? (oh you "joined" 6 days ago) For a niche title, it is impressive. How many other niche games, let alone exclusives, can you say have sold that much?

You don't have to sell 10 million to be impressive.
#9.3.1 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report
Master-H  +   900d ago
Ummm maybe the Kinect games you mentioned sold more because there were NO OTHER GAMES FOR THE KINECT at that time ?
Scary right, the usage of logic.

It's sad how your console of choice doesn't have many exclusives coming out for it that you have to troll the competition's games to make you feel a lil better lol
SuperLupe  +   900d ago
It was nice but I didnt like the art design the game had. I know they were going for a realistic setting but something just felt off with the game. Maybe the voice acting added to the impression.

Overall it was a nice experience, something different.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   900d ago
One hell of an exclusive game! One of the reasons I love the PlayStation brand. It does not focus entirely on shooters :3! Story telling games or movie like games are a great addition to any console or handheld when done well like this pearl!
#11 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MrTrololo  +   900d ago
Great ! Can't wait for beyond two souls
vivid83  +   900d ago
I really loved this game .... so original ..keep them coming
Animal Mutha 76  +   900d ago
Great game and well deserved but I must admit that I thought that it might have sold more than that given its age.

I think if it was launched now it would do better ala Last of us. Not sure why I think that and I cant justify it but just a gut feeling around how top end exclusives seem to sell now on PS3 and the amount of mainstream exposure they get.

And yes its mainly made up of QTE's but you wont find any finer in use with such a deep story and engaging characters.

I got it for about 12 quid. Bargain.
WeAreLegion  +   900d ago
Games don't usually sell tens of thousands of copies after the first few months. Heavy Rain had legs. It's rare in this industry.

I feel like people don't know that.
sprinterboy  +   900d ago
My no2 best game of all time, second to tlou
ElementX  +   900d ago
You really ought to play more games if this is your second favorite of all time and The Last of Us is your favorite.
#15.1 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   900d ago
No. I'm with him, except switched. Heavy Rain is my favorite and The Last of Us is my second favorite.

And I've had almost every system back to the Atari 2600.
ElementX  +   900d ago
To each their own I suppose...
nix  +   900d ago
great game... i got one.
Goro  +   900d ago
I thought it was more than Tomb Raider 2013 has sold more than this?
trouble_bubble  +   900d ago
Tomb Raider is multiplatform. Combined PS3,360,PC sales. Heavy Rain did 3 million on just one console.
Goro  +   900d ago
Ah yeah xD Never thought about that...
Mikefizzled  +   900d ago
I always felt this and Alan Wake deserved to both be part of the 3 million club. Glad to say they have both joined.
WeAreLegion  +   900d ago
What do you mean?
Mikefizzled  +   900d ago
Oh no! VGChartz, the oft cited inaccurate resource that doesn't track digital sales in the digital age.
Williamson  +   900d ago
Never finished heavy rain and I was going to start it up again until I got spoiled on YouTube during a last of us video.
ElementX  +   900d ago
I expected big things from the game and I was a little disappointed. The storyline had holes large enough to drive a truck through and I was hoping for more object interaction. You stand in a kitchen and you can only open say, one cupboard. I wanted to snoop around and explore and it wasn't possible. All of those set pieces just sitting there for looks. The graphics were nice and the voice acting was pretty good, however it just didn't feel as immersive as it could've been. Also the scene with the dentist or doctor, whatever, it didn't really fit in with anything. This person just happens to go to the home of a crazy killer and has to escape? Maybe I missed something there but to me it was just thrown in for another action sequence.
#20 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
GarrusVakarian  +   900d ago
Nitpicking much?

Sigh. There's always one.
ElementX  +   900d ago
Hey I said I was a little disappointed, I didn't say I hated the game.
TheLyonKing  +   900d ago
Great game! Pain in the arse to get all te story endings considering closest bit you could use was the sex scene
GarrusVakarian  +   900d ago
Deserves much more. One of the best games ive ever played.
Rimeskeem  +   900d ago
Well of course the game is an absolute finimonone creating the greatest story I have ever played using QTE

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