Heavy Rain has now sold more than 3 million units worldwide

Heavy Rain has now passed the 3 million units sold mark.

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ShugaCane1737d ago

Deserved. One of the most heartbreaking and thrilling experience this gen.

Abash1737d ago

Hope it reaches 4 million at some point and that Beyond is just as successful

minimur121737d ago

I'm quite surprised it's just that...

Tetsujin1737d ago

I'm part of that 3+ million crowd.

FamilyGuy1737d ago

I'm expecting this to show up on PS+ some time in the near future.

The_Villager1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I didn't enjoy it at all. Don't understand why people like these kind of games when there is pretty much zero gameplay invovled. QTE's don't count.

@ShugaCane I agree with your first sentence but not the rest.

ShugaCane1737d ago

There's not much more gameplay in shooters were the only thing you have to do is move/shoot/move/shoot/watchAcu tscene/move/shoot. Heavy Rain's story is engaging, there are not many video games were you actually care about the characters, and where the choices you make matter. Journey for instance doesn't let you do many things, gameplay-wise, and yet it's a tremendous game.

despair1737d ago

Choice and story, it did not hide what it was, but you are fully entitled to hate it, I know a couple persons who also didn't like it but for the most part its a well received game.

Legion211737d ago

Anyone who dislikes this had clearly never played it. Easily worth the $20 you can get it at.

RedHawkX1737d ago

yeah dude my heart was racing tons of times in this game and i connected with some of the characters to and didnt want them to die. cant wait for beyond 2 souls to come out that will be a good one as well. cant believe there were xbox haters hateing on this game lol.

TheLyonKing1737d ago

I did shit myself at the Madison dream scene with the burglars haha was so tense to get to the door!

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MasterCornholio1737d ago

Not bad for an extremely Niche title.

dcj05241737d ago

Some plot holes ( car hits father, kid dies. Wut?) But overall the multiple storylines and possibilities are awesome.Also:JAAAAAAAASSOOOOOO ON

Timesplitter141737d ago

I don't think you understand what a plot hole is

GribbleGrunger1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

That's not a plot hole, that's you misinterpreting a cut scene.

Or did you mean pot hole?

"Some pot holes ( car hits father, kid dies. Wut?)"

dcj05241737d ago

I over generalized leave me alone /:. Yeah I must've misinterperned it. Could you explain?

GribbleGrunger1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

He tried to save his son. Got run over himself too after diving in front of the car to grab his son. He failed to save his son. :)

Watch from the 16 minute mark:

Dagobert1737d ago

Cocain is a hell of a drug.

JunioRS1011737d ago

Glad to hear it.

I only got to play the demo, but even that had me hooked because I played through it multiple times.

TheEnigma3131737d ago

You need to pick this game up. You can get it fairly cheap now.

JunioRS1011736d ago

I sold my ps3 last year because I'm an idiot so now I'm just SOL for Rain AND TLOU :(

CaptainPunch1737d ago

Been wanting to play this game forever, just kept putting this game aside. Probably going to pick it up before Beyond: Two Souls.

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