1UP Reviews Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

1UP writes: "I focus on the concept because Turning Point's content is so utterly forgettable that it almost doesn't warrant comment: Ironically übermenschian everyman Dan Carson stutters his way through America's remarkably linear Eastern Seaboard and beyond, blasting stormtroopers that block access to checkpoints and levers that need pulling. The pacing and variety are pre-Call of Duty at best, and the only moment of satisfaction comes in the form of a mushroom cloud that vaporizes the hero at the end of the game -- a merciful explosion that precludes a sequel. I wouldn't recommend Turning Point to anyone, under any circumstances...and if that's not the definition of utter failure, I don't know what is".

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Storm233902d ago

Ok, we all know this game sucks. Why do we have to get every single review in the world to back this up over and over and over...?

No more!!