"Air you can taste" - how Forza Motorsport 5's tracks make use of Xbox One | OXM UK

OXM UK: "Turn 10 takes us on a tour of the not-so-mean streets of Prague."

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GarrusVakarian1459d ago

Looking forward to this. Auto vista mode on next gen will be amazing.

dirigiblebill1459d ago

I'm hoping there will be a mode where you host/video a Drivatars-only race. Seems like a no-brainer, if they're as sophisticated as they're made out to be.

1459d ago
GodGinrai1459d ago

Car porn at its finest! ;). I cant wait to see my silver corvette with RT solvalou decals from ridge racer ( I have loads of cars with ridge racers decals in forza 4) in auto vista on F5.. Or my grey Ferrari f12 with blue racing stripes, in auto vista. I never had a kinect before so it will be cool to check my cars out using gestures to open the doors/bonnet and mess around in the interior.

Does anybody know if kinect can be used to paint the cars?

Also, I hope they include the new M4 concept car that was unveiled the other day.

ABeastNamedTariq1459d ago

Nice. This one looks like a real beaut.

Lucreto1459d ago

What it the main difference between this and Drive Clup other than this is an established franchise?

Mustang300C20121459d ago

Drive Club is a arcade racer and Forza is a simulator

sarcastoid1459d ago

forza is sim-arcade. it's still pretty easy on hardest difficulty with all assistances turned off.

ABeastNamedTariq1459d ago

Yeah, like zadir said, Forza is basically semi-sim. There's a level of arcade-ness to the handling and physics of the cars. Although Forza seems to be more sim than DriveClub.

SuperLupe1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

I've realised now that Forza has surpassed GT in pretty much every aspect quality wise Sony fanboys are all "Forza isnt a sim anyway".

Forza isnt a sim says who ?? People who dont play Forza because they hate the Xbox ?

Ok guys, Gran Turismo isnt a sim. I've decided so.

Mustang300C20121459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Regardless it isn't a full on arcade and Drive Club is an Arcade. Forza is more closer to sim than arcade.

Boody-Bandit1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )


I don't see many if any saying Forza isn't a sim. Mostly what I hear is it's a sim-cade. It's definitely more sim than arcade but there is no denying it's not a pure simulator. Rations (sm vs arcade) I will leave to others. I don't want to get into pissing wars but I will put my hours devotion and dedication of Forza against 99.9 of N4G members. There are only 2 members I personally know on this site that might've have played the Forza series more than me. Hell I built my gaming room around Forza.

I am just given an honest assessment. You know, that thing that drives those with an agenda crazy. These Forza articles personally irritate me. Why? Because the only time Forza articles heat up is when it's a vs article or hyping the game. Once the next Forza title hits retails and the reviews dissipate so does the traffic on anything related to Forza other than comparison articles.

This new iteration of Forza looks incredible but I can't say that personally I'm not disappointed with Turn 10 / MS snubbing FFB wheel users by not allowing backward compatibility with existing wheels and no information on what wheel Thrustmaster is creating to be the Official Forza 5 Wheel.

Also Turn 10 appears to not be supporting triple panels with Forza 5. I have seen countless inquiries to this question and they always go unanswered. I should know. I myself posted on their forums, facebook and twitter pages once per week since it's debut asking them these very questions.

I don't want to be stuck on one panel playing Forza 5 on a traditional XBOX ONE controller when I have triple panels and the Official Forza 4 Wheel (Fanatec CSR Elite) on stand by waiting for action.

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GodGinrai1459d ago

I would compare drive club to forza horizon tbh. Its an open world arcade racer. and with games like that it really comes down to how well all those online components/features work.

SuperLupe1459d ago

Also Forza actually looks and feels next gen when Driveclub may as well be a mid-cycle PS3 launch game they scrapped and now are releasing it on PS4.

Forza 5 is like a 5 star racer when Driveclub is your 3 star hotel if you know what I mean.


ABeastNamedTariq1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

"Feels"? You've played it? Just wondering.

Also, what makes you say that second thing? The graphics are great. Forza's art direction looks great, yes, but DriveClub looks great too.

I hope you're not basing your opinion on those numerous off-screen gameplay videos.

EDIT: And to your above comment..

Come on. Your fanboy is showing. Every aspect, huh? For pure simulation, it's GT for me. If I want a little arcade in my sim, which I like, I play Forza. The developers of GT obsess over little details like the minute physics for certain parts of the cars, how tires behave when doing certain actions, suspensions, etc. to make it as real as possible. Forza sacrifices some of those things, but it increases the fun factor for people who don't like pure simulators.

GodGinrai1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

"The developers of GT obsess over little details like the minute physics for certain parts of the cars,"

Just as they did in forza. There have been articles about forza`s tyre and suspension simulation. You turn off ABS, anti lock breaks and stability control and levae the damage turned on and forza is anything but an arcade game.

GT is no more (or less) of a sim than forza. Truth be told, I can take certain liberties in either game..up to a point.

green1459d ago

That is an impossibility.

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n4rc1459d ago

I have never really gotten into forza before.. Racers aren't usually something I play but loved games like gt3 and even NFS underground.

But from everything I've seen.. This is absolutely a day one download for me

Snookies121459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

You haven't tried Forza before this one? It's a really great series, so I'm sure you can't go wrong if you liked GT. Forza and GT are definitely the top two racing sims out there.

n4rc1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

a bit of the forza horizon demo but thats about it..

just sort of ignored all racers for awhile.. was on a fps kick.. but i have friends that have kept me up to date on it...constantly.. lol

it was one of those things like with madden.. very deep games that take quite awhile to really get into and i never had the time or interest to grab either.. even tho i love racing and football.. go figure.. lol.. between working 60+ hours a week and the soul sucking grind of being an adult (lol) im starting to fall into the "instant gratification" group just a wee bit.

after 5+ years of counter-strike on top of countless other FPS games.. i can generally pick up any of them and do well right off the bat..

tho with winter coming and a new gen of gaming... i plan on getting back into the swing of things.. still probably wont get madden tho

Snookies121459d ago

I honestly never tried Forza Horizon, but the core numbered entries have all been very solid. :]

WeAreLegion1459d ago

He's right. Both are incredible. ^_^

pennywhyz1459d ago

yes on consoles.Assetto corsa on PC is a whole new level of sims don't comment if ya havnt tried demo.

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sarcastoid1459d ago

anyone else feel like turn 10 spends more time advertising the console than their game?

CRAIG6671459d ago

Well it's part of their job, if Microsoft don't shift boxes, Turn 10 don't shift games...

SuperLupe1459d ago

Nothing wrong in being excited about the hardware they're working on.

hazardman1459d ago

True, but if you like racing games you should already know Forza. Plus its a 1st party dev. touting the new console game will be on.

This game will be great! Btw those comparing DriveClub to Forza its not even close and quite honestly not fair to DriveClub. Forza Horizon would be better comparison and stiff competition aswell because that game was surprisingly good!!!